Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lily of the Mist

Scrapkit by Chichi Designz called Rachel Anderson 4-2   Found here for purchase

Tube by Joan Pelaez found here for purchase
Mask WSL363 found here for download
Script font of choice

 Open a canvas flood filed in white sized 650 by 650
Add paper2 and apply the mask, merge group then pull the mask to enlarge using your pick tool set to scale.
Place the mask element from the kit over this layer towards the top.
Place the cluster frame, click inside of the frame, expand selections by 12, add a new raster layer then paste paper5 into selections.
Place the grass element twice. Once below the frame background layer and again above it
Place the cloud above the frame background layer then place your tube.
Apply Xero Grayscaler brightness set to 52 all other sliders at default. then Apply Xero Porcelain settings- green channel 255, blue and red set to 0 all other sliders at default. Apply this again, then duplicate the tube. Add Gaussian blur5, change the blend to screen and the opacity to 97. Drop shadow the bottom tube.
Place the brush element under the frame layer at the bottom of the tag
Resize the leaves element by 75 and place to the bottom right. Duplicate, resize by 80%, mirror and place under the frame. Duplicate gain resize by 65% and place to the top left on top of the frame.
Mirror, resize flower1 by 50%
Place dandelion seeds, Resize flower2 by 40% and place around the tag.
Add your name, Artist URL,CR and your license number.
Thanks for looking

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