Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sophisticated Forum set

Scrapkit used is by Chichi Designz  Jennifer Janesko July 2012 found here for purchase
4Tubes used is by Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
 Font used Scriptina
Filters/Plugins used
Eye candy 4 Gradient Glow
Eye Candy 5  Textures
LenK site of wonders- Antonio
Xero- Radiance
Animation shop used for animated tag

 Start with the forum tag sized 250 by 600
 Place paper2 and match the top left upper edge of the paper to the canvas.
 place your first close up to the right and change the blend to soft light. Place the second closeup tube in the center under the previous tube and change the blend to screen. Place your third closeup to the to the left and change the blend to  burn opacity to 95, duplicate and change the blend to screen.
Place the brush to the bottom of the tag then add your main tube, duplicate it, add gaussian blur 5 to the top tube and Film and filters-glamour- setting to champagne. Apply Xero radiance to the bottom tube at these settings: 144, 123,243, 145
Place the flowers element to the left of the tag , duplicate and mirror.
 Duplicate, resize by 50%,free rotate 90 to the left and place on the bottom of the tag twice.
Place the diamond rain element above the paper layer, the sunrays mirrored above it.
Resize the sparkles by 50% and place at the left and right of the tag.
 Place the flower trails
Crop your tag, add a border sized 4 and flood fill it with the dark color from your kit. Apply Eye Candy5 Textures- textured noise - setting to sparkles
Add another border sized1 and flood fill it in black.
 Add your Artist URL, CR and your license number.
Add your name.
Save as a PNG if you are not animating.
 If you are close the main tube layers and border layers.
 Merge visible , copy, then unmerge.
 paste the merged tag right under the main tube layer and apply L and K land of wonders filter set to Antonio at default and change the blend to color(L). then close the layer. Open the main tube layers and the border layers. Merge visible and add to Anination shop as a new animation. then unmerge open the L and K layer merge visible again and copy /paste to AS after current frame.
Working in AS apply image transition effect- Checkered wipe to the first frame settings set to 2 and 4. Alter the frame properties for the first and last frame to 40. the copy frame1 and paste after the last frame.
 Apply the transition effect again to the second to the last frame then delete the last frame once added.
 Save as a GIF.

 To make your avatar open a canvas sized
150 by 180
Copy and paste the merged copy  that we did  for AS and the L and K merged copy. Lock the toggle on each layer then move to the desired area. undo the locks then paste the tube layers lock the toggles on the layers resize the layers by 80% then move to the desired area.
 Make the borders as we did before.
 Add you Artist CR and your license number.
 To animate repeat the pasting we did before to AS and save as a GIF.
 Thanks for looking

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