Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Scrapkit by Crazy Carita called 1001 Stories 

Tube by Maxine Gadd found here for purchase( the tag on the bottom is Alehandra Vanek found at Picsfor design)
Mask By Rebel Designs
MuraMeister Copies
Eye Candy 5 Nature- Smoke
Fonts of choice

Ok Start a workspace 700 by 700
Place el5 on to the left side of the workspace, duplicate, mirror and merge down
Resize el23 by 35% and place behind the frames up in the small rectangular window, duplicate mirror and merge down. duplicate again to darken sharpen more and then drop shadow
Now paste paper1 under the large window of the frame on the left. move the paper to show the top right hand corner, then click inde the frame with your magic wand, expand selections by3, invert selections and hit delete. Repeat with the other frame.
Place el4 on top the two merged frames. Click inside the frame expand, selections by 3, add a new raster layer then copy/paste paper2 into selections, do not deselect add your tube above the paper layer, invert selections then delete the tube's excess.
Apply Effects-Photto effects-film and films- Glamour and drop down menu set to warming
 Duplicate your tube layer and change the blend to soft light and the bottom to hard light.
Resize el19 by 35% and place on each side then resize el 21 by 25% and place in the center niche of the top frame and at the arch of the handles of the lanterns.
Resize  elements24,27.28 by 50% and el 12, 30 by 80%
Apply Eye Candy Nature Smoke set to small wispy and lower the height to 119.39
to the large pink vase or tub LOL
Resize the flowers el 10 and 20 at 25% and 9 at 35%
Place the flowers on the vase then merge them and apply Mura Meister copies glob and arrange them as you wish.
Resize el 16 by 35% and place around
 then resize el6  by 20% free rotate it 10 to the right and place on top.
Add the word art, duplicate, soft light the top
 Add paper6 and apply your mask. I merged the group then used my pick tool to pull the mask closer to the elements then Cropped my tag.
 Add a name, Artist CR, URL and my license number.
 Thanks for looking
 Below is another version with a brush added

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