Monday, August 12, 2013


Scrapkit by Chichi Designz called Dreams found here for purchase
Tube by verymany found here for purchase
Template by Jackie's Jewels found here for download

Open your template and delete the wordart layers , dotted layers and credit layer
Place the tagback as the last layer
Place brush2 above the tag back layer towards the top.
Place brush4 on the top and bottom.
Place the gliiter to the top left, duplicate,mirror and flip.
Merge layers1 and2, copy/paste paper6 into selections
 Reduce the Size of the clock by 50% and place over layer3.
Repeat with the fan element, rotate using your pick tool and cover layers 5 and 6.
Activate selection on layer7 paste paper 14 as a new layer, invert selections to trim the paper
Size the branches element by using you pick tool to pull the sides in to match the length of the thin rectangles.
Size branches2 down to 98% and place above the thin rectangle layers.
Merge layers 9 and 10 and copy/paste paper4 into selections
Repeat with paper 18 on layer 11.
Paste your tube above layer12 resize it by 45% and close the layer to adjust a bit later.
Add noise at 93 to layer13
Reduce the size of your gazebo by 80% place above layer 13. Activate the circle layer selections, invert selections and erase the grass hanging paste the circle on the bottom and sides.
Place clouds under the gazebo
Resize flower2 by 65%
Place the curtains on the left side of the gazebo using layer 12 as a guide on your left and the pole of the gazebo on your right. resize and pick tool to adjust.
 Open your tube layer and move to show the face, erase and part of the tube past layer 12 edges and change the blend to hard light.
Size grass2 by 75% and place on the railing edge of the gazebo.
Size sparkle6 by 50% and place butterfly sparkles
Mirror the dove and size by 25%
 Resize your tube and place Apply Photo effects-film and filters- settings to film filters vibrant foliage then apply Xero Radiance at default.
Plants2 and flower brush 4 resized at 50%
Jar at 35%
 Add your name, artist CR, URL and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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