Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hollywood Glamour

Scrapkit used Hollywood Glam by Crazy Carita found here for purchase

Tube by Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
If you buy 10 dollars or more you get the awesome bonus tube pictured below
VM Natural LightSplash was used

Open a canvas 600 by 600 and place el26 to the bottom left, duplicate and move to the top left. Merge them down,mirror and merge again.
Place el 22 behind it and el 9a behind the mesh to the top left, duplicate and move to the bottom right.
Place el 28 as the top layer then place el8 above that. Click inside with your magic wand and expand the selections by 1, add a new raster layer and place paper1 into selections.
Apply VM Natural Light splash at these settings:
Place your tube in front and apply Film and Filters found in your PSP-Glamour- dropdown set to warm
Add a thick drop shadow.
Flip el12 resize 80%, draw preset shape triangle in white angle to make it look like a light is shining out of it.Lower opacity to 39, gaussian blur of 3 and blend set to screen.
Flip,mirror and resize el 13 50%,mirror el29 resize it by80%.
Free rotate el2 30 to the left and resize it by 65%
Resize elements 1,7,30 by 50%
El 6 by 25%
Place wordart and resize by 50% then by 80% sharpen and add a gradient glow
 Add your name artoist URL and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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