Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sun Stroked Beauty 4 Piece set

We will start this set with the main tag then work our way to the forum tag, avatar  and last the name tag.
The tube I used is by Barbara Jensen called Sun Stroked. It is a bonus tube you get when you buy tubes for the total of ten dollars or more.
Scrap kit By Crazy Carita called Greenery found here for purchase

Barbara Jensen  can be found here for purchase

Mask i used WSL84 for both the main tag and name tag
Font used -Feathergraphy
Eye Candy4 Gradient glow
AAA frames
PSP Filter-Photo Filters-Film and filters-Glamour( my new obsession LOL)

Nutty but true I started with a canvas sized 800 by 800 we can crop and resize later.
Place el9, click inside with your magic wand, expand your selections by 3, add a new raster layer copy/paste paper9 into selections.
Place28 behind the frame to the left then duplicate mirror and merge. erase the vines sticking out on the top. Duplicate the vines and free rotate then 90 to the right.
 Place el6 on the right above the rotated vines layer.
Place your close up tube and apply Photo Filters-Film and filters- glamour at default.
Place el 6 to the left of the tube.
Duplicate it and rotate 90 to the right.
Resize el by 95%
 Place el7,8 and 20
 then place2l 29 rotate 90 to the left on the top. Resize by 80% and place around the arrangement.
Place el 14
Resize 19,21 ans 11b by 25%
Add paper5 and crop your tag
 Apply your mask. close your mask layer and background layer
 Shift"d" and copy your worskspace.Merge visible and resize your tag to 600 by 600  sharpen then apply Photo filters-film and filters- glamour -warming
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Add your name and a gradient glow
Save as a PNG

To make the forum tag set your canvas to 600 by 350
 On your original tag not the copy close the tube , background and frame paper layers. merge visible and 
 paste on to the left side
Place paper9 behind it. Place the closeup to the right Crop your tag. Activate your closeup tube, add a new raster layer flood fill with a gradient that matches your paper. move under your tube layer change the blend  to the tube to luminance
Add you smaller tube to the left. crop your tag then merge visible and apply  Glamour as we did before and AAA Frames to these settings:
 Select all, float then modify, selection borders 1, add a new raster layer then flood fill it in white. Add Noise Gaussian 95
Add your name, artist URL, CR and license number
 Save as a PNG

To make the avatar set a new canvas 150 by 150.
Copy the merged forum tag and repeat the same function to make the borders.
Add your initial,Artist CR and your license number' Save a s a PNG

To make the name tag open a new canvas sized 600 by 150
Type out your wordart or your name your choice. i used the name of the tube
Sun Stroked in the font Barbe display ssk sized 75
use your pick to stretch from end to end giving enough room for a thick gradient glow. i used the same gradient i used for the close up tube background on the forum tag for my lettering. convert to raster and duplicate. Add a thick white gradient glow to the bottom wordart and a drop shadow. Place your tube in many different positions around the letter being sure to show the face in some part of the lettering. activate the top wordart, invert selections and delete the tubes excess, Change the blend to hard light.
To design the background I used the original unmerged tag. Close off the background, tube,frame the left of the word art.  and frame background. merge down the cluster of flower on the bottom of the tag resize by 50% and place to the left of the wordart.
Merge the cluster of flowers on the left side of the tag, resize by 50% and move to the right of the wordart.
 Resize el28 by 45% free rotate it 90 to the right., duplicate and flip. place them in the middle.
Resize el30 by 25% and place in the center.
 In the original tag merge the bow little frame and background, free rotate 10 to the left and resize by 65%
Add your name artist CR, URL and your license number.
 Crop your tag add paper 9 and apply your mask. Close the tube layer, and two wordart layers then apply Glamour to your tag
Unhide layers then save as a PNG
 Thanks for looking

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