Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tag using Chichi Designz Halloween Collab kit

Tag made with the Halloween Collab kit by Chichi Designz found here for free when you purchase 2 kits offer ends Sept,30th 2013
The tube used is by Barbara Jensen found here for purchase

Just buy ANY 2 kits at CDO this month and we'll send it to you for FREE! Offer ends 10pm PST Monday 30th Sept.

Tag results with Barbara Jensen Bonus tube and Crazy Carita kit 50 shades of Pink

Tag made with the Bonus tube called Bewitched
 Buy any tubes equal to 10 dollars or more and get this tube. Layers pictured below
Buy your tubes here
Kit used is  calle 50 shades of pink by Crazy Carita  found here for purchase

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Harvest Blessings

Scrap kit by Refined Designs called Fall Blessings Sold here and here
 Free Tube offered by Elias Chatzoudis found here
Mask used WSL84

start with a 650 by 650 canvas
Reduce the size of the frame2 by 80%
Activate, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 5 into selection. change blend to hard light and place above the frame.
Increase the size of the wreath by 110% place behind the frame. click inside the frame , expand selections by 2 and hit delete to erase the center of the wreath. paste paper3, invert selections and delete the excess.
 Move under the frame layer.
Add paper9 and apply your mask
Place the grass and rotting tree above the frame layer
Resize the following elements
wagon wheel and flower1-35%
scarecrow 35% 
Tree 65% twice
harvest sign 65% rotate 4 to the left
Add tube and apply Effects-Photo Effects- Film and Filters
drop down to muted reds at default then duplicate the tube and change the blend to hard light.
 Add your name artist CR and License number and Artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tag Featuring kit by Chichi Designz IB-TiffanyTolandScott

 Availabe Sept13 2013 at CDO IB -TiffanyTolandScott2-2

Ghostly Halloween

 Tube by Elias Chatzoudis sold here
Kit By Abstract Creations called IB-Amy Brown September 2013 found here for purchase

Open a 650 by 650 workspace
 Resize F2 by 80% Using your rectangular selection tool select the inside of the frames. Add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 5 into selections. Duplicate the paper and change the blend to multiply. then merge the papers down and move below the frame.
Resize elements 17, 15.12 and 10 by 80%
Free rotate element1 90 to the left, resize by 40% and boost the color. I used Sandflower Color Boosterz found in my ICNET software Filters Factory .
Duplicate change the top layer to multiply and merge down place over the bottom part of the sign.
 Resize the wordart by 65% and add a gradient glow
Resize the pumpkin by 45% and el 16 by 35%.
Resize the ghosts by 80%
 Add your tube apply Effects-Photo effects- Film and filters- Glamour drop down setting to warming
 Add your name , license number artist URL and CR
 If you are animating the tag
Duplicate your ghosts and resize by 80%, duplicate again and resize by 60%. Repeat the duplication and reszing 80/60 until you see the ghost by the wooded trees.
 Copy paste all layers using a different ghost layer for each frame.
 Then on each frame add a transition effect fade. Copy from PSP the word art  and paste as a new animation.
Apply Text effects underwater and select all.
Propagate paste then select all on the ghost transition frames and paste over the existing wordart
 save a s a GIF
 Thanks for looking

Tag Showoff Using Crazy Carita Kit Haunted House

 This tag was made with the new kit by Crazy Carita called Haunted House found HERE for purchase

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Special Fall

Tube by Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
Scrapkit by Crazy Carita called Fabulous Fall found here for purchase
Mask used 20/20 mask
Font used Jenna Sue

Mura MiesterCopies

Start with a canvas sized 700 by 700
 Add el18 adn reduce size by 80%, click inside with you magic wand and expand the selection by2. 
Add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper5 into selection,
merge them down and apply Mura Miester copies cards at these settings:
Place el15 to the left and duplicate reduce by 70%. move the smaller leaves down a little.
Resize flowers e10 by 80, e2 by 50%, e1 and 4 by 35%
Resize e12 by 80% and e9 by 25%
Free rotate  e22 90 to the left then resize by 40% Apply Mura Meister copies Line increase the number amount to 12. Then trim the ends of the line to fit the tag.
Place your tube behind the line add e29a about the line, mirror e14 and resize it by 50%
add el27 to the top and bottom of you tag as well as  el28
Add your name, artist URL,CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Witch's Hour

Scrapkit by Abstract Creations called IB-Amy Matthews 30-3  soon to be available at CDO for purchase
Tube by Elias Chatzoudis available here for purchase

Sparkle mask of choice
Eye Candy Impact Perspective Shadow

Start with a 650 by 650 workspace
Resize el 17 by 80%
Placeel 15 to the right
Resize el2 by 50%
place el 3 in front of the house
Resize el 32 by 80% place behind  the house, duplicate resize by 50% and place twice, mirrored in from of the tombstones.
Resize el 27 by 80% and place to the left of the house
 Place el 26 to the right behind the house
Resize el 6,8,30 by 50%
elements12 and 13 by 25%
Free hand select the eyes of the pumpkin, promote layer and change the blend to overlay.
 Add your tube twice on the bottom tube apply Eye Candy 5 Impact Perspective shadow at default.
 On the top tube apply Effects Photo effect- glamour setting to night effects then add a drop shadow, change the blend to screen and opacity to 77 then merge down.
 Resize wordart by 50%, sharpen then activate, expand selections by 2, add a new raster layer, flood fill in a gradient matching your tag.
Add your name in a linear gradient repeat at 0 apply effects- edge effects- enhance
Add your artist URL,CR and your license number.
Below is an animated version
Thanks for looking

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Musical Flower

scrapkit by Chichi Designz called IB-Enamorte 3-1 available soon at CDO
Tube by Jennifer Janesko found here for purchase
font Zanerian two
mask WSL362

 Open a 650 by 650 workspace
 Place frame2, paper2 behind it and flowers in front.
Resize the flowers by 80% and place to the bottom right of the frame. Using your freehand selection tool draw just inside of the frame,invert selections and delete the paper.
Place your tube on top of the paper layer, invert selections and delete the tube excess.
Apply Effects- Photo Effects- Time machine( using your mouse hover over to read early color then click it to apply ok)Merge the tube down with the paper then apply Eye Candy Impact -Glass change the bevel to concave. Then merge the frame flowers and merged tube. Resize by 50% then 80% and sharpen.
Open and place frame 3. Place the merged frame to the bottom left. Place the harp behind it.
Place the branch element on each side of the large frame. Resize flower by 50% and place in front of the harp.
Free rotate the flowers element 45 degrees to the left then place on each side twice to fill , duplicate and free rotate 90 to the right and place behind the frame on top twice.
Resize flower branch and vines by 50% and place on top on each side of the top of the frame. Duplicate the vines and place behind the smaller frame on the bottom.
Resize the lace by 50% and the curtain by 40%
Add paper5, Click inside of the frame with your magic wand, expand selections by 5, invert selections and delete the paper excess. Place your tube, mirror it then erase the top side and bottom of the tube. Promote the rest to the top layer this will promote any hair strands above the frame edge.
Free hand select the part of the curtain to the right that is covered by the flowers and frame then promote this layer.
Place the music notes and repeat promotion of covered items.
Resize the music sheets by 50%
Resize the candle by 25% then duplicate and resize by 80%
Add your name, artist URL. CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 Scrap used in this tut is IB-Amy Matthews 40-3 by Crazy Carita Available for purchase at CDO Friday
Tube by Amy Matthews purchased here
Mask by Rebel Designs Mar 25 download here
Font SP Pretty Purkey
VM Natural-Sparkle
Greg's factory Output2- Pool Shadow
Penta Color Dot
Eye Candy4 Gradient Glow and chrome
Animation Shop3 

 Start with a workspace sized 650 by 650
Place paper2 mirrored then apply your mask, merge group, duplicate merge down and repeat again to darken the mask.
Place el1 free rotate it 90 to the left, duplicate and place side by side moving one up the next down then merge them together
Using your magic wand click inside the outer thin frame on the left and expand by 10. Add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 3 into selection. Duplicate, mirror and flip. move under the thin frame on the right.
On the paper on the left apply Penta Color dot value255 and size 7 on the right change the size to 4.
Place your closeup tube on each side changing the blend to screen
Activate the frame background, inverts selections and delete the closeup tube's excess.
Resize el3 by 50% and free rotate 20 to the right and place over the eyelets of the frame on the top.adjust according to how much you moved your frames from each other, duplicate mirror flip and reverse the rotation.
Reszie el 2 by 50%, sharpen and place under the right eyelet. Resize el16 by 25% and free rotate it 10 to the left. Duplicate it three more times for animating purposes. Apply Noise gaussian,monochrome at 12 then the next layer at uniform, the next layer change to 15 the last change it back to gaussian.
 Add el 19a and apply Mura Meister copies encircle number7 and x and y set to 60.
 Move this between the frame background and the mask layer. Duplicate it three times and apply VN natural sparkle size11  seed at 172. Change the seed down by 10 for each layer.
Resize el17 by 50% mirror and flip. Move the gem of the string over the bottom right eyelet of the far right frame. Click inside the frame, expand selections by 5, add paper1, invert selections and delete the excess paper.
Place el 12 as your first layer on top of the merged frames
 Place your tube in front of the frame
Resize el13 by 150% duplicate three more times then apply Greg's factory output =pool shadow at default then change all the directional sliders increased by 10 for each layer.
Place el 7 behind the tube to the left.
 Free rotate el14 5 to the right, resize el 8 by 25%
 Resize el10 by 80% and 10 a by 50%
 Add your name apply chrome and gradient glow
Add your artist URL,CR and your License number.
 To animate add the merged layers to animation shop
Once done you should have 4 layers save as a GIF 
Thanks for looking


 Scrap kit By Crazy Carita IB-ElizabethAustin 15-1 available Fri at CDO for purchase
Tube by Jennifer Janesko available here for purchase
Mura Meister Copies
Open a 650 by 650 workspace
Add el5 then el9 on top of it. Using your magic wand click the inside of the top frame and expand your selections by 5. Add a new raster layer and copy paste paper5 into selections. Do not deselect, paste your tube, invert selections and delete the tube's excess. Change the blend to Luminance.
Paste el3 and resize it by 50%, apply Mura Meister coipes glob at these settings:
Then place behind the large frame to the bottom left, duplicate flip.
Duplicate both and mirror. Adjust the position to look more organic.
Free rotate el18 90 to the left,duplicate resize by 80% flip , bring back to the level of the other leaves and mirror. Merge this group down, duplicate mirror and adjust then duplicate again free rotate 90 to the right and move to the left.
Place el 17 to the top right behind the flowers and erase the top overhang. Duplicate mirror and merge down. Duplicate again and resize by 80% then move to the left duplicate one last time and mirror.
 Working on the elements on your left Resize elements 11 by 80%,10 by 25%
el2 and 16 by 50% and element4 by 75%
 Free rotate el8 90 to the right
Working on the right resize el8 by 80% free rotate 10 to the left and resize el14 by 25%
Add your name, Artist URL, CR and your license number
 Below is an animated version of this tag
 Thanks for looking

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall Beauty

Tube Amber eyes close up by Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
Kit by Crazy Carita Called Fall Sonata found here for purchase

Font ATHelindaRook 
Mask WSL84
Mura Miester copies

Start with a 650 by 650 workspace
Add element5 then your close up tube.
Place el7 to the top right and el 21 free rotated 15 to the left to the top left.
 Place el3 and 4 to the bottom left of the tag then resize el1 by 80%
 place el 27 then resize el 22 by 50% and free rotate it 90 to the right.
Placxe el 12 and 24 behind the pumpkins
 add el30a resize by 35% and apply Mura Miester copies glob at desired settings then resize it by 50%
 Add paper1 and apply your mask
Add your name, artsit CR, URL and your license number
 save as a PNG
 a tag with no frames and templates OH MY LOL'
 Thanks for looking


Tube used is called "Amber eyes" from pack46 found here for purchase
Scrapkit by Crazy Carita called "Scarytale" found here for purchase
Font Horror
Mask of choice

Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650 and place paper9  and apply your mask
Place element13 and place paper1 resized at 50% behind it.
Place element 22 behind the frame background layer
Resize paper4 by 50% and place behind the right side of the frame , copy paste paper10 into a new raster layer behind the left side of the dual frame.
Place element 18 over the left side of the duel frame.
Free rotate element19 90 to the right and place at the bottom left edge of the tag, duplicate, mirror and merge down. Duplicate again and move up.
Resize element2 by 50% and place to the left side of the top frame. Place element3 under it.
Place your tube between the scarecrow and pumpkin layers in the center of the tag.
place element26 under the pumpkin layer on the left side.
Place el4 to the right of the book duplicate the pumpkin layer mirror and resize by 80%.
Place elemnt 5 to the right of the tube using your pick tool set to free. pull the left nodes inward to slant the sign. Resize element 19 by 25% and repeat the angle of the slant using your pick tool.
 Resize element 10 by 75%
Type your name with the horror font in black then apply effects-3d effects- cut out at default and change the inner color to white.
Add your artist URL,CR and your license number
 Save as a png.
 Below is an animated version
Thanks for looking

Monday, September 2, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse

Scraps by Abstract Creations called Zombie Apocalypse found here for purchase

Tube by Ismael Rac found here for purchase
Mask by WSL 363
font Nyctophobia

Open a 650 by 650 workspace
Place paper5 and apply your mask
Resize f1 by 80%
Plcae e11 top right and e14 top left
Place e8 under the frame layer and e35 on top
Place e 33on the bottom them place your tube to the right.
Activate your tube layer and add a new raster layer. Copy/paste paper4 into selections duplicate and move them below and above the tube layer. Change the top layer to soft light the tube layer to Luminance and apply Photo Effects-film and filters-vibrant foliage twice to the tube layer then drop shadow.
Resize elements, 1,10,13,16,28,36 by 50%
element 15 by 25%
Free rotate e5 105 to the right
Add your name, artist URL,CR and your license number.
To animate if you wish move the hand down until you see the edge peeking out of the bottom of the tag then adjust up a bit.
Freehand select the iris on the eyeball element and promote the layer. Duplicate it twice. Move one iris to the left and the other to the right. keep one in the original position. activate the eyeball layer then add a new raster layer and flood fill it in white. move this layer just above the eyeball layer then close the top two iris layers for animating.
Merge visible and copy/paste to Animation shop as a new animation.
Unmerge visible then move the hand element up alittle and close the iris layers used and open the next one. Merge visible then copy/paste to AS after current frame.
 Repeat with move the hand up and opening the last iris layer.
In As Select all and copy/paste after current frame. Reverse the frames and chnage the speed to 50. Delete the last frame.
 Save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking