Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ghostly Halloween

 Tube by Elias Chatzoudis sold here
Kit By Abstract Creations called IB-Amy Brown September 2013 found here for purchase

Open a 650 by 650 workspace
 Resize F2 by 80% Using your rectangular selection tool select the inside of the frames. Add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 5 into selections. Duplicate the paper and change the blend to multiply. then merge the papers down and move below the frame.
Resize elements 17, 15.12 and 10 by 80%
Free rotate element1 90 to the left, resize by 40% and boost the color. I used Sandflower Color Boosterz found in my ICNET software Filters Factory .
Duplicate change the top layer to multiply and merge down place over the bottom part of the sign.
 Resize the wordart by 65% and add a gradient glow
Resize the pumpkin by 45% and el 16 by 35%.
Resize the ghosts by 80%
 Add your tube apply Effects-Photo effects- Film and filters- Glamour drop down setting to warming
 Add your name , license number artist URL and CR
 If you are animating the tag
Duplicate your ghosts and resize by 80%, duplicate again and resize by 60%. Repeat the duplication and reszing 80/60 until you see the ghost by the wooded trees.
 Copy paste all layers using a different ghost layer for each frame.
 Then on each frame add a transition effect fade. Copy from PSP the word art  and paste as a new animation.
Apply Text effects underwater and select all.
Propagate paste then select all on the ghost transition frames and paste over the existing wordart
 save a s a GIF
 Thanks for looking

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