Saturday, September 14, 2013

Harvest Blessings

Scrap kit by Refined Designs called Fall Blessings Sold here and here
 Free Tube offered by Elias Chatzoudis found here
Mask used WSL84

start with a 650 by 650 canvas
Reduce the size of the frame2 by 80%
Activate, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 5 into selection. change blend to hard light and place above the frame.
Increase the size of the wreath by 110% place behind the frame. click inside the frame , expand selections by 2 and hit delete to erase the center of the wreath. paste paper3, invert selections and delete the excess.
 Move under the frame layer.
Add paper9 and apply your mask
Place the grass and rotting tree above the frame layer
Resize the following elements
wagon wheel and flower1-35%
scarecrow 35% 
Tree 65% twice
harvest sign 65% rotate 4 to the left
Add tube and apply Effects-Photo Effects- Film and Filters
drop down to muted reds at default then duplicate the tube and change the blend to hard light.
 Add your name artist CR and License number and Artist URL.
 Thanks for looking

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