Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 Scrap used in this tut is IB-Amy Matthews 40-3 by Crazy Carita Available for purchase at CDO Friday
Tube by Amy Matthews purchased here
Mask by Rebel Designs Mar 25 download here
Font SP Pretty Purkey
VM Natural-Sparkle
Greg's factory Output2- Pool Shadow
Penta Color Dot
Eye Candy4 Gradient Glow and chrome
Animation Shop3 

 Start with a workspace sized 650 by 650
Place paper2 mirrored then apply your mask, merge group, duplicate merge down and repeat again to darken the mask.
Place el1 free rotate it 90 to the left, duplicate and place side by side moving one up the next down then merge them together
Using your magic wand click inside the outer thin frame on the left and expand by 10. Add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 3 into selection. Duplicate, mirror and flip. move under the thin frame on the right.
On the paper on the left apply Penta Color dot value255 and size 7 on the right change the size to 4.
Place your closeup tube on each side changing the blend to screen
Activate the frame background, inverts selections and delete the closeup tube's excess.
Resize el3 by 50% and free rotate 20 to the right and place over the eyelets of the frame on the top.adjust according to how much you moved your frames from each other, duplicate mirror flip and reverse the rotation.
Reszie el 2 by 50%, sharpen and place under the right eyelet. Resize el16 by 25% and free rotate it 10 to the left. Duplicate it three more times for animating purposes. Apply Noise gaussian,monochrome at 12 then the next layer at uniform, the next layer change to 15 the last change it back to gaussian.
 Add el 19a and apply Mura Meister copies encircle number7 and x and y set to 60.
 Move this between the frame background and the mask layer. Duplicate it three times and apply VN natural sparkle size11  seed at 172. Change the seed down by 10 for each layer.
Resize el17 by 50% mirror and flip. Move the gem of the string over the bottom right eyelet of the far right frame. Click inside the frame, expand selections by 5, add paper1, invert selections and delete the excess paper.
Place el 12 as your first layer on top of the merged frames
 Place your tube in front of the frame
Resize el13 by 150% duplicate three more times then apply Greg's factory output =pool shadow at default then change all the directional sliders increased by 10 for each layer.
Place el 7 behind the tube to the left.
 Free rotate el14 5 to the right, resize el 8 by 25%
 Resize el10 by 80% and 10 a by 50%
 Add your name apply chrome and gradient glow
Add your artist URL,CR and your License number.
 To animate add the merged layers to animation shop
Once done you should have 4 layers save as a GIF 
Thanks for looking

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