Thursday, September 5, 2013

Musical Flower

scrapkit by Chichi Designz called IB-Enamorte 3-1 available soon at CDO
Tube by Jennifer Janesko found here for purchase
font Zanerian two
mask WSL362

 Open a 650 by 650 workspace
 Place frame2, paper2 behind it and flowers in front.
Resize the flowers by 80% and place to the bottom right of the frame. Using your freehand selection tool draw just inside of the frame,invert selections and delete the paper.
Place your tube on top of the paper layer, invert selections and delete the tube excess.
Apply Effects- Photo Effects- Time machine( using your mouse hover over to read early color then click it to apply ok)Merge the tube down with the paper then apply Eye Candy Impact -Glass change the bevel to concave. Then merge the frame flowers and merged tube. Resize by 50% then 80% and sharpen.
Open and place frame 3. Place the merged frame to the bottom left. Place the harp behind it.
Place the branch element on each side of the large frame. Resize flower by 50% and place in front of the harp.
Free rotate the flowers element 45 degrees to the left then place on each side twice to fill , duplicate and free rotate 90 to the right and place behind the frame on top twice.
Resize flower branch and vines by 50% and place on top on each side of the top of the frame. Duplicate the vines and place behind the smaller frame on the bottom.
Resize the lace by 50% and the curtain by 40%
Add paper5, Click inside of the frame with your magic wand, expand selections by 5, invert selections and delete the paper excess. Place your tube, mirror it then erase the top side and bottom of the tube. Promote the rest to the top layer this will promote any hair strands above the frame edge.
Free hand select the part of the curtain to the right that is covered by the flowers and frame then promote this layer.
Place the music notes and repeat promotion of covered items.
Resize the music sheets by 50%
Resize the candle by 25% then duplicate and resize by 80%
Add your name, artist URL. CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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