Friday, September 6, 2013

The Witch's Hour

Scrapkit by Abstract Creations called IB-Amy Matthews 30-3  soon to be available at CDO for purchase
Tube by Elias Chatzoudis available here for purchase

Sparkle mask of choice
Eye Candy Impact Perspective Shadow

Start with a 650 by 650 workspace
Resize el 17 by 80%
Placeel 15 to the right
Resize el2 by 50%
place el 3 in front of the house
Resize el 32 by 80% place behind  the house, duplicate resize by 50% and place twice, mirrored in from of the tombstones.
Resize el 27 by 80% and place to the left of the house
 Place el 26 to the right behind the house
Resize el 6,8,30 by 50%
elements12 and 13 by 25%
Free hand select the eyes of the pumpkin, promote layer and change the blend to overlay.
 Add your tube twice on the bottom tube apply Eye Candy 5 Impact Perspective shadow at default.
 On the top tube apply Effects Photo effect- glamour setting to night effects then add a drop shadow, change the blend to screen and opacity to 77 then merge down.
 Resize wordart by 50%, sharpen then activate, expand selections by 2, add a new raster layer, flood fill in a gradient matching your tag.
Add your name in a linear gradient repeat at 0 apply effects- edge effects- enhance
Add your artist URL,CR and your license number.
Below is an animated version
Thanks for looking

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