Monday, September 2, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse

Scraps by Abstract Creations called Zombie Apocalypse found here for purchase

Tube by Ismael Rac found here for purchase
Mask by WSL 363
font Nyctophobia

Open a 650 by 650 workspace
Place paper5 and apply your mask
Resize f1 by 80%
Plcae e11 top right and e14 top left
Place e8 under the frame layer and e35 on top
Place e 33on the bottom them place your tube to the right.
Activate your tube layer and add a new raster layer. Copy/paste paper4 into selections duplicate and move them below and above the tube layer. Change the top layer to soft light the tube layer to Luminance and apply Photo Effects-film and filters-vibrant foliage twice to the tube layer then drop shadow.
Resize elements, 1,10,13,16,28,36 by 50%
element 15 by 25%
Free rotate e5 105 to the right
Add your name, artist URL,CR and your license number.
To animate if you wish move the hand down until you see the edge peeking out of the bottom of the tag then adjust up a bit.
Freehand select the iris on the eyeball element and promote the layer. Duplicate it twice. Move one iris to the left and the other to the right. keep one in the original position. activate the eyeball layer then add a new raster layer and flood fill it in white. move this layer just above the eyeball layer then close the top two iris layers for animating.
Merge visible and copy/paste to Animation shop as a new animation.
Unmerge visible then move the hand element up alittle and close the iris layers used and open the next one. Merge visible then copy/paste to AS after current frame.
 Repeat with move the hand up and opening the last iris layer.
In As Select all and copy/paste after current frame. Reverse the frames and chnage the speed to 50. Delete the last frame.
 Save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking

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