Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tag showing off New Scrapkit by Crazy Carita called Taste Of Mint

Tube used is called Vaudeville Vixen  by Barbara Jensen found in layered pack 48
here for purchase
Kit here for purchase

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Tube by Vinegar found here for purchase
Kit by Abstract Creations called Dreamworld available for purchase at CDO on 11/1/13

Font- Teaspoon Display
Mask 50 found here

 Open a canvas 700 by 700
place frame 3 and element 7
Click inside the frame expand selections by 5, add a paper6, invert selections then hit delete.
Place paper7 and apply your mask.
Resize elements 7 and 34 by 25%
Element 32 by 80%
Element 35 and 37 by 50%
Element 13 by 65%
Add your tube
Add your name in a gradient apply effects enhance edges
Add your artist CR, URL and your license number 
 Thanks for looking


Tube used in this tag is by Barbara Jensen called Vaudeville Vixen found in Layered Pack 48 here for purchase.
Kit used is called Vintage Charm By Crazy Carita Found here for purchase

Fonts used Royal and Cabaret
Mask 23 found here at Moonbeams and spiderwebs
Xero Bad Dream

Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Place e7 on to the canvas and move down towards the bottom edge of the canvas.
Place e2 4 times to fill the inside of the frame. Merge the stamps together when arranged, then duplicate it.
 Apply Effects- 3d effects- cutout settings at 2,6,50,5 black, interior color unchecked. Click ok , duplicate, mirror and shift to match the frame edge.
Place e27  to the left, duplicate and move to the right, merge then move below the frame's background.
Place e13 to the right behind the mesh layer.
Place paper 5 enhance edge and apply your mask.
Place e14 on top of the frame's background. Add your tube's closeup mirrored on top of the element. Freehand select the  center of the element invert selections and delete the excess. Change the blend on the tube to soft light.
Place your tube under the frame layer and apply Xero- Bad Dream at Default. Select the top portion of the tube covered by the frame, promote layer and arrange the promoted piece to the top layer.
Free rotate el23 90 to the left and mirror.
Free rotate el18 90 to the left and reduce size by 80%
Resize elements 29,30 and 17 by 50%
Rotate the measuring tape and scissors 90 to the left
Resize el28 and 8 by 65%
Free rotate the book 10 to the left.
Type your initial in the Royal font and rotate it 10 degrees to the left.
Apply Enhance edge to the frame.
Add your name in a gold gradient, contract selections by 2 , add a new raster layer and flood fill in a complementing gradient, duplicate and apply the 3d effects cutout at the same settings as before.
Apply Noise at 97 to the gradient.
 Add your artist CR.,URL and your license number
 Thanks for looking

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tag Showcasing Crazy Carita Kit

Tag made with Crazy Carita New kit IB-Anna Marine-48-3 available at CDO for purchase

Tube is by Amy Matthews found at CDO for purchase

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shopaholic Pinkie Style Forum set

Kit by Abstract Creations Called" Pink is the new black" Found here for purchase
Tube by Verymany  prepaid project from TPP

Font - she devil
Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow
Xenofex2- constellations ( any sparkle would do)
Mura Meister Copies Line

 Open a canvas 600 by 200
Place paper7 on to the canvas. Place your tube to the left and change the blend to Luminace(L)
Resize e29 by 25% and apply Mura Meister Copies Line at default.
Resize e19 50% and move to the left under the line we just created, Duplicate,mirror and merge. Duplicate once more then move down and merge again.
 Resize e28 by 40% and place in the middle.
Resize e33 by 50% then 80% free rotate 15 to the left
Place e29 behind the cityscape and resize e2 by 25% , free rotate it 5 to the right.
Resize elements as follows
e9 and e34 by 25%
e13 by 15%
e14 by 10%
e6 by 20% then 80% using your color changer tool re color the heel to match your kit
Place e36 and reszie e1 to fit on the tag.
 Plave your name apply Xenofex2 constellations then apply Eye Cady Impact Gradient glow setting set to black and white stripes.
Crop your tag.
Select the last layer add a new raster layer up top. Selections-modify-selection borders sized at 2 copy paste paper 10 into selections and add a drop shadow.
 add your artist URL, CR and your license number.

 To create the avatar.
 Ope a new canvas 150 by 200
 Merge visible the forum tags with out the border and CR.
 Copy paste a s anew layer crop tag. Add your CR and repeat adding the border as before. Place your name and save as a PNG
Thanks for looking

Monday, October 21, 2013

Special Kinda Magic

Scrapkit used in this tut is by Jackie's Jewels called " A Chilling Night" Found here for purchase
Tube is by Verymany found at picsfordesign for purchase
Use font and mask of choice
Eye Candy 4 HSB Noise

 Start with a canvas 600 by 600
Place paper6 and apply your mask.
Place moon2 to the top left and change the  blend to screen and opacity to 82
Place the fog element to the bottom left on the moon and change the blend to exclusion
Place the ground element to the bottom center of the tag.
Place gravestone1 right under the fog 
Place house1 above this layer aligning the vines on the left to top of the stone.
Resize the stump by 90% and mirror. Place over the house portion of the cluster.
Resize the web by 50% and place to top top part of the stump.
Place your tube leaning against the stump.
Resize the cat and spellbooks by 50%
Resize  the staff by 65% and free rotate it 8 to the left
Free rotate broom2 90 to the right.
 Place skeleton2 behind the house cluster and erase the everything except for the hand.
 Place bird3 on top of the moon.
 Add your name, artist URL/CR and your license number.
Wanna animate this?
Activate bird3 layer and duplicate it. Resize by 80%.
Then duplicate it again and resize it by 40%.
Duplicate it and resize by 80% Now free hand select the wings  and promote layer for each wing using your freehand pick tool move the outer nodes outward this will move the wing up and out like it is flapping. repeat with the other side.Keep duplicating and resizing, moving the wings until your bird is pretty small.
 count those layers now that is how many layers you need to promote or rather duplicate the promoted layers for the elements below
Free hand select the eyes of the cat and promote the layer
Free hand select the orb portion of the staff and promote the layer.
For each duplicated promoted layer of the orb apply Eye Candy HSB Noise with hue and saturation set to 0.Apply to each layer and change the seed,
For the cat promoted layers color select the fur around the eyes then activate the promote layer and flood fill. this will be the closed eye.
Repeat the flood fill for two more layers now using your point to point free hand selection tool . Select the bottom portion of the closed eye just a little from the bottom then hit delete. Repeat with the other layer and choose more of the lid to delete from the bottom.
Next Return the saturation slider to 50 in the HSB noise filter and apply this filter to the rest of the eye layers changing the seed.
 OK close all the promoted layers set aside form the bottom layers. i like working from the bottom to the top.
Merge Visible then copy/paste as a new animation to AS( if that is what you are using to animate)
then come back to PSP unmerge and open the next set layers that were promoted. Select the skeleton hand layer and touch the element with your pointer in PSP hit CTRL and the arrow key at the same time to move the hand back. Repeat this each time you merge.copy/paste to AS
 Once done Change the frame properties to 25 and save as a GIF once all your layers are pasted
Thanks for looking

Friday, October 18, 2013

TAG showoff using Crazy Carita Scraps

Both Tags are made with the Bonus tube available after a 10 dollar tube purchase until October19 2013!
Grab your tubes today AND GET THIS BEAUTY HERE
Kit used with the tag above can be found here for purchase called beautiful Halloween

kit used in this tag is found here for purchase called No treats Just treats

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tag Showoff using Spooky Skulls by Abstract Creations

Scraps used in this tag is called Spooky Skulls by Abstract creations found here for purchase

Monday, October 7, 2013

A public Acknowledgement of a sweet person

Thanks so much Mincrisar for my new awesome blinkie.
 This is the sweetest gift I have gotten in a long time
 Feel free blogettes to snag this awesome creation and remember to link it back here.
She is one of the awesome members at The Creative Chicks
Click the banner below and be a chick today!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tag show off Using Refined Designs Kit Fall Blessings

 Jon Rattenbury image was used in the background all other elements are from the Fall Blessings kit By Refined Designs

found here for purchase

Just a Note

Redoing my Blog right now . Please excuse the mess thanks