Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Tube used in this tag is by Barbara Jensen called Vaudeville Vixen found in Layered Pack 48 here for purchase.
Kit used is called Vintage Charm By Crazy Carita Found here for purchase

Fonts used Royal and Cabaret
Mask 23 found here at Moonbeams and spiderwebs
Xero Bad Dream

Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Place e7 on to the canvas and move down towards the bottom edge of the canvas.
Place e2 4 times to fill the inside of the frame. Merge the stamps together when arranged, then duplicate it.
 Apply Effects- 3d effects- cutout settings at 2,6,50,5 black, interior color unchecked. Click ok , duplicate, mirror and shift to match the frame edge.
Place e27  to the left, duplicate and move to the right, merge then move below the frame's background.
Place e13 to the right behind the mesh layer.
Place paper 5 enhance edge and apply your mask.
Place e14 on top of the frame's background. Add your tube's closeup mirrored on top of the element. Freehand select the  center of the element invert selections and delete the excess. Change the blend on the tube to soft light.
Place your tube under the frame layer and apply Xero- Bad Dream at Default. Select the top portion of the tube covered by the frame, promote layer and arrange the promoted piece to the top layer.
Free rotate el23 90 to the left and mirror.
Free rotate el18 90 to the left and reduce size by 80%
Resize elements 29,30 and 17 by 50%
Rotate the measuring tape and scissors 90 to the left
Resize el28 and 8 by 65%
Free rotate the book 10 to the left.
Type your initial in the Royal font and rotate it 10 degrees to the left.
Apply Enhance edge to the frame.
Add your name in a gold gradient, contract selections by 2 , add a new raster layer and flood fill in a complementing gradient, duplicate and apply the 3d effects cutout at the same settings as before.
Apply Noise at 97 to the gradient.
 Add your artist CR.,URL and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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