Friday, November 22, 2013

Burning Attitude

Tube by Dave Nestler found at CDO
Kit  called IB-Sebastein Serrano 2-1 by Abstract Creations
Found here for purchase

Mask 56 by Moonbeams and spiderwebs found here for download
Font called anarchy
Eye Candy4 HSB noise 
 Filters Unlimited -Render

Open a new canvas 600 by 600
Add paper 2 and apply your mask. Merge group and move to the left, duplicate the masked paper, move to the right then merge down.
Resize frame3 by 80%, click inside the frame , expnad your selections by 2 , add a new raster layer and flood fill in black.
Apply Filters Unlimited -Render- Clouds foreground and background( make sure black and white are in your color palette)
Place element 23 on top of the frame.
Place element16 on each side of the frame then merge them down. Resize by 50% move to the left, duplicate mirror and merge down. Move these flames in from of your cityscape and then apply HSB noise to your flames.
Duplicate the flames layer again and resize by 50% then place them behind the cityscape.
Place element 29 on top of the frame behind the city.
Mirror element4 and place to the left,Resize element 10 by 10% then 50% and place over the headlight.
Resize elements 8 and 11 by 80%
Resize element 3 by 35% and free rotate it 10 to the left.
Add your tube, your name, artist URL and CR
Below is an animated version of this tag
Thanks for looking

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