Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oyos De Espana

Tube by Elizabeth Austin found here for purchase
 Kit by Crazy Carita called  Gemstone Ruby found here for purchase
Mask and font of choice
Xenofex 2 constellations
 Start with a canvas sized 610 by 610
Resize el2 and 25 by 80%place 25 on top of element2
Add paper7 and apply your mask. I used a mask by LexiCreationz and erased the hard edges
Place your tube on top of the frames. place element 8 to the left covering the sharp edge of the tube.
Place element 19 under the tube to the right, duplicate and mirror.
Free rotate el 21 90 to the left and place under the greenery on the left under the rose.
Resize el 11 by 50% and place on the top left of the frames.
Place el3 ,duplicate, change the blend to difference on the top leaves and the opacity to 30 then merge down, duplicate again and mirror. Merge then down, duplicate, free rotate 90 to the left,
Place el 22 and a mirrored copy of your tube. place them in the center of your frames change the blends to overlay
Place el 20 to the left duplicate mirror and flip.
 Merge them down and duplicate twice adding noise at a different level for each layer.
Apply Xenofex constellations to a select part of your tube, Changing the seed for each layer duplicate.
 Add your name artist URL, CR and your license number.
 To animate copy/paste to animation shop and save as a GIF
Thanks for looking

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