Friday, December 6, 2013

Whispered Winter

Tube by Arthur Crowe found here for purchase
Scrap kit by Abstract Creations called  Whispering Snow found here for purchase
Font used AcroterionJF
Mask by Essex girls  Christmas1 found here
Drop shadow 2, 2, 20,9 black
Eye Candy4 Gradient glow and Chrome( optional on font)
 Open a canvas 610 by 610
Reduce the frame2 size by 75% twice and free rotate it 90 to the right.
Place el20 to the right of the frame.
Place e47 on top of the frame to the left. Activate the frame and delete any part of the snowflake touching the frame and inside of the frame.
Reduce el16 by 65% and place on top of the frame.
Place el 17 under the cluster to the right, duplicate it and mirror. Duplicate the mirrored feather and free rotate it 20 to the left and move to the left alittle.
Place e3 to the right, duplicate free rotate 90 to the left place to the right, duplicate again and flip.
Place the following elements under the ice crystal element from top to bottom.
22, 36 ( resize by 50%),23,15
 Resize element2 by 50% then 80% and place to the top right corner of the frame.
Add paper8 and apply your mask. Make sure if using the same mask place it in your mask folder then  load mask from disk. Merge group and using your pick tool pull the mask in on each side to bring it closer to the tag then crop your tag.
 Add your closeup tube and erase the excess and apply your drop shadow.
Apply selections, select all, float, Load/save selection-save selection to alpha channel.
Adjust-Softness-Soft Focus hit ok.
Then go to Selections-load/save selections-load alpha selections-invert selections and delete.
Add your name apply chrome and gradient glow
Add the artist CR, URL and your license number
Another rendition of this tag using the wa and artist Alex Prihodko and Xero Porcelain used on the tube
Thanks for looking

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