Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Beauty

Tube by Arthur Crowe found here for purchase
Kit by Chichi Designz found here for purchase
font used -YoungBlood
Filters/Plugins used
 Eye Candy5 Nature - Snow drift
VM Natural- Sparkle
Xero- Porcelian
Drop shadow used 2,2,25,5 color #808080
inner Bevel for name Bevel2, width 29,image numbers from the top down 56, 20,4,11,Light color white 315,27, 69
 Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Place doodle element in to the canvas and resize  the branch element by 50%. Place it on top of the doodle, duplicate and mirror. Apply Snowdrift filter at default to both branches
Resize the igloo and mask by 50%place to the left under the doodle layer.
Place snow1 then snow 3 on top.
Resize gem frame by 50% and place to the right of the igloo, click inside with your magic wand feather set to 20, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper into selections, Open you closeup tube resize by 25% apply Xero Porcelain and change the blend to luminance (l).Place cloud1 and snowflakes blue under these layers.
 Resize  snowflake by 50% then 80% and place to the right behind the frame.
Open the blue wordart resize by 50% and duplicate  move it around several times to create a wall paper.
Resize snowballs1 by 25% and place in between the branches
Resize the icicle by 40% duplicate and resize it by 80%
 Apply VM sparkle at 12 to the igloo, snowflake and icicles
Add your name and convert to raster, duplicate and apply snowdrift to the bottom name and the inner bevel to the top name merge down then add the drop shadow.
 Crop your tag, add the artist CR, URL, your license number.
 Thanks for looking

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