Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flowered Love

Tube by Very Many found at
Kit By Abstract Creations called Sweet Love found at for purchase coming soon
Font Mon Amour
Xero Fritllary
Eye Candy4 HSB noise and gradient glow

Reduce the size of the following elements
E35, E43, E44 and F2-50%

Open a new canvas sized 600 by 600 pixels
Place F2 twice side by side and merge down.
Color pick a color from the kit or tube I chose #d50e65 and add a thick gradient glow.
Select the gradient glow and promote the layer. Apply HSB noise at these settings:
Place paper9 behind the hearts, click the inside of the frames, expand the selections , invert the selections and delete the paper excess.Duplicate the paper layer and change the blend to burn.
Add paper1 and color pick a color from the tube or kit I chose #3c5821. Color change the paper then apply your mask.
Place element 37 to the top right and bottom left above the masked layer.
Place the tube and resize it by 75%, duplicate and apply Gaussian blur5 on the bottom tube. Then apply Xero Frillary at these settings:
Free rotate E1 90 to the left and duplicate change the top blend to burn
Repeat with the one we resized then mirror and flip.
Place wa1 to the right
 Place E33 and 34 to the left. Duplicate the candy, free rotate it 10 to the right
Place E6 and flood fill with the color changer tool on the large rose with the pink color we used earlier.
Place it to the top left along with E35.
Place E27 and erase the parts to look like it is threaded thru
Add your name the artist URL,CR and your license number.
 Thanks so much for looking

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