Tuesday, January 7, 2014

HOT Pink

Tube Jessica Doughtery found here for purchase
Kit by Abstract Creations called IB-Enamorte January 2014 found here for purchase
WSL 84 mask and Quicker font were used
Eye Candy Gradient glow used on font(optional)
 Open a new canvas and reduce the size of the following elements
E8 at 50%
E26 at 25%
E33 at 20%
F4 at 80%
To assemble the tag place F2 then place paper5 behind it. Using your magic wand click inside the frame, expand selections by 4, invert selections and hit delete on the paper layer.
Place F4 behind the frame background to the left, duplicate and move to the right.
Merge f4s down and click inside the frames, expand the selections by 2, add a new layer and copy/paste  paper 4 into selections.Duplicate the layer just made and change the blend to the top layer to screen.
If you are using the same tube resize it by 95% and apply Effects-Photo Effects- film and filters- Glamour at default, Duplicate the tube and apply Gaussian blur 5 and change the blend to soft light.
Place E1 as the last layer in the center of the canvas.
 Place E17 on top of the bottom half of the tube.
Place E8 to the right, duplicate and mirror.
Place the remaining elements in the floral bouquet.
To have the element appear that it is buried into the bouquet ,lower the element's opacity  to show the flower petals, erase the element portion that is covered by the petals then return the opacity to 100.
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