Sunday, January 26, 2014

Love That Lasts

Tube usedis by Alex Pridhodko
Kit used is called A Love that last Collab by Crazy Carita and Dee'sSign Depot
Found here for purchase
Both kits were used in this tut
Font Nelson Script
Mask Dee's mask found in her kit pictured above
All filters used are found in PSP
Drop shadow 2,2,10 , 35 black
Open a new canvas 650 by 650 
From Dee's kit you will need to resize the following elements
 Frame 3 by 80%
element 3 by 35%
15 and 21 25%
12, 19 and24 by 50%
eleement 25 by 80%
used the mask  and paper2
Merge group of the mask resize by 50%
 From Crazy Carita's Kit
no sizing for9,10
8 and21 at 35%
22 at 90%
6, 14 and 24 at 50%
33 at 10%
Paper1 paste into selection
 Tube prep This tube has many layers. I used the red hair, deep red lipstick, red necklace, red dress and jewelry glitter layer for this tag.
 To assemble this tag place Frame 3 then el22 on top of it.
Click inside the frame, expand the selection by 3, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper1 from Carita's kit into selection. mirror it so the green color shows.
Resize your tube about twice I did it by 50% then 75% and place to the left on top of the two frames.
 Then paste the tube again, mirror it and place to the right. Resize it about 75%. Change the blend to screen and opacity to 49%
Activate the frame background, invert selections and delete the tube's excess.
Place element9 from Carita kit under the tube change the blend to luminance. Erase the tube portion the rose touches so the blend will be on the paper and not the tube color.
Place the sparkle scatter on the bottom of the tag.
Place el 14 to the right, duplicate, mirror and merge them down move this behind the frame background.
Place the resize masked paper to the left, Use you pick tool to gauge the size, duplicate and move it to the center, duplicate again and move to the right. merge the three masked paper down. duplicate and move up to the center, duplicate again and move to the top. You can merge all these together when you are done.
Free rotate the tag 90 to the right and erase the string. Place the bow and tassel on top.
Place the large vine element on the bottom then place the angel to the left behind the vines and the metal heart towards the bottom.
Duplicate the candle twice so you have three candles. arrange the red gems on the candles.
Flip the smaller vines on place on top of the group of candles, duplicate and mirror move back o the candles.
place the flowers around the vines resizing them by 80%, flipping them and mirror them each time you place them on the tag again.
Plcae the sparkle as you wish. Add a drop shadow to all elements  except for the sparkle scatter. that one add a smaller sharper drop shadow. i used 1,1,25,2 black.
Close the backgroun and masked layers. Merge visible your tag and copy the layer. Unmerge your tag them Copy paste on the top layer as a new layer.
This is a copy of your tag we will apply a filter to this layer( this is optional- I am using PSP X2)
 Go To ADJUST-FILL FLASH( it is found on the bottom of your menu) and apply at these settings:
Change the blend to Multiply
This will deepen all the colors of your tag.
Un hide the masked layer
Add your name in a gold gradient and convert to raster.
Duplicate the name and apply 
Change the blend to the top signature to color, merge down and add a drop shadow.
Add your artist CR, URL and your License number.
Thanks so much for looking.

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  1. Love the tutorial. I'm working on it and and just wanted you to know that you've written it very well for the tagger.


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