Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sweet Sweet Love 3 Piece set

Tube used is a bonus by Barbara Jensen
You can get the NEW bonus tube by buying $10 worth of tubes
Kit by Crazy Carita called Hug Me Tight
found here for purchase

Fonts used are Shaloanak Script and Challiot
Mask of choice
Eye Candy Gradient Glow and Mura Meister Copies were the filter used

Start the tag with a 650 by 650 canvas
Open element 9 and reduce the size by 35% and again by 80%
Duplicate it three times and move then side by side, close the background layer and merge visible.
Using your magic wand click inside the little frame and expand by 4.
Add a new raster layer
Copy/paste paper8 into selections. Duplicate this layer and move behind the other three little frames.
Using the Challiot font in caps type out each letter with a stroke of 2 gold gradient and convert to raster. Then move them into each of the frames.
Activate each letter and contract your selections by 2.
Apply Inner bevel at these settings:

Close off the background layer then merge visible
Resize element 2 by 80% and element 14 by 50%
Duplicate the oval frame and place on each side of the gold frame.
Using paper9, add a new raster layer for each frame background and copy/paste the paper into selections
Resize element 3 ,5 and 19 by 25%
Place the florals on top of the frame, duplicate mirror and merge.
Place the falling ivy on each side of the frames( see tag for reference)
Apply Mura Meister Copies- glob to the leaves at these settings:

place on the right side then duplicate and mirror. Place on both the bottom and the top of the frames see tag as reference.
Resize element 12 and 13 at 30%
Apply a sparkle to the meshed heart if you desire. I used Xenofex2- constellations small stars settings
Add element 8 resized at 75% and your tube.
Duplicate your tube and apply Effects-Photo Effects- Film and filters-Glamour
Resize elemnt3 by 30% free rotate it 90 to the left
Add paper 10 as your background and apply your mask of choice
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number.

To make this a three piece set I used the tag above to make my forum and avatar.

Close the background, CR, name, rose, love wordart and tube layer
Merge visible and copy paste to a new canvas size 600 by 300.
Move down to fit. Place paper 10 as your background.
Resize your tube by 80% and place
Place the rose around the bottom several times
Resize the love wordart by 50% sharpen and place one on the left above the tube layer and the one on the right behind the tube layer.
Crop your tag then activate your background layer, selections- Modify- Selections borders at size 2 , Go to the top layer of your tag and add a new raster layer flood fill in a gold gradient.
Apply Effects – Edge effects- enhance. Do it again then apply a Gradient glow using red and white.
Take you name from your tag and resize it by 80% sharpen and place on the forum tag.
Add your artist CR. URL and your license number
I made an animated version by adding some flashing hearts to the background.

To make the avatar in the original tag merge the gold frame and background copy and paste as a new image. Then copy the tube layer and resize it by 80%.
Pull elements from the tag and resize it by 80% and place where you would like it. I used the floral cluster, globbed leaves and dropping ivy Once all is places merge visible then crop, resize your entire tag by 200pixels. Sharpen and add your name and artist CR , your license number
Save as a PNG
Thanks so much for looking

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