Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shamrock Love

Tube by Barbara Jensen called Little Ballerina a bonus tube available until March5th after a $10 tube purchase at
Kit used is by Crazy Carita called luck of the Irish
Buy it Here

Fantasies Of Spring

Tube-Alehandra Vanhek 
found here for purchase
Kit-Pink Paradox Productions
Spring Fantasy
found here for purchase
Template 512 By Millie
download here
Mask139 by Laurie Made m(Provided below the tutorial)
Font of choice
Eye Candy 4 Gradient glow and glass(optional)
Open the template and delete the CR layer and layers7, 9 and 8 ( word art layers)
Place paper 8 on the last layer and apply your mask.
Copy/paste frame1 into selection of layer 1, click inside the frame and add a new raster layer. Copy/paste paper31 into selections.
 Reduce the size of frame5 by 25% and place behind the frame layer
Reduce element 134 by 50% and place behind the template a couple of times. Erase any stumps hanging past the template edges
Duplicate the paper layer we made inside of frame1 and apply Effects- 3D Effects cutout.
Highlight layer2 and invert the selections , place element101 over it and delete the excess,
Copy/paste paper21 into the selection of layer3 resize element 87 by 25%.
Use paper 36 for both layers 4 and 6 and delete the paper excess
Copy/paste paper22 into selections of layer5
Place element 142 above layer5
place your tube resize to fit. I duplicated mine and change the blend to screen and opacity to 66
Resize the following elements
el 56 by 50%
104,90,35,4 at 25%
 add your name, artist CR, URL and your license number
Mask for tut.Click to enlarge and right click to save

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Parental Advisory

Tube by Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
Kit by Abstract Creations called Deal with it found here for purchase
font Monkey Snake
lenk landksiteofwonders-Federick
Xero-Radiance and bad dream
Eye Candy4 Gradient Glow
Template 502 found here for download

Open your template and delete the CR layer
Copy/paste paper  10 into selection of layers 1 and 2
Add a thick gradient glow using two colors from the kit
Reduce the size of el42 50% and free rotate it 20 to the right
Flood fill layers 3 and 5 with a linear gradient using the same colors we used in the gradient glow.
Apply LenK Frederick at default. Duplicate and change the blend to burn.
Add the tube closeup and apply Xero Radiance, invert selects of the circle and delete the tube excess
Resize F5 by 50% and place over each circle layer.
Add paper7, invert selection on layer 4 and delete the excess. Resize el26 by 25% and place on each corner of the layer.
Add p2 to layer6 and apply the gradient glow
Add p3 to layer 7
p4 into selections of layer8
p1 into layers 9 and 10
Resize f3 by 35% and use the pick tool setting on scale to match the size of layers 9 and 10.
Add el56 resized at 25% free rotate 10 degrees to the right and left.
Add your tube, duplicate and change the blend to overlay.
Add elements behind and around the tube sizing them as follows
13, 15,39,48 and 57-50%
45 and 60-80%
Add the tube inside of the star element Apply Bad Dream at default, screen and opacity at 55%
Add your name the gradient glow, apply edge enhance
Add your artist URL.CR and your license number
Crop your tag and resize the entire tag by 600 pixels on it's longest side
 Thanks for looking

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Irish Wishes

Tube by VeryMany  from
Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called  A Kiss For Luck found here for purchase
Font used Gjallarhorn
Mask used WSL84
 Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Resize Frames(15) by 50% and place to the left, duplicate and mirror. Merge the frames , sharpen and enhance edges. Duplicate and change the blend to burn.
Place frames from top to bottom10, 12, 11 and resize them by 80% twice.
Place el108 behind the last frame and resize it by 65%.
 Click inside the last frame, expand selections by 1, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 34 into selections.
Resize el161 by 50% and place to the left.
Place paper33 AS the last layer apply mask 84 and merge the group.
Resize el124 by 50% place above the frame background, duplicate and move to the right.
Place el163 above the rock wall element and erase the excess.
Place you tube on to your canvas then place your elements resized as following:
elements 152, 156,168, 178 by 50%
elements 77,86,87, 128 by 35%
 Duplicate the arch and mirror it over the rock and erase the wood by using the background eraser tool.
Add your name, artist URL , CR and your license number.

Be My Love In Paris

Closeup Tube by Barbara Jensen - Bonus tube called Little Ballerina available at 
until March5
Kit called Stolen Kisses by Crazy Carita found here for purchase


Tube by Barbara Jensen called Little Ballerina a Bonus tube available after a 10 dollar tube purchase at
Kit by Crazy Carita called Bluetiful found here for purchase
Font used
University Script
Mask used
Trese 314
 Filters/Plugins used
Mura Meister-Copies-Encircle
VM Toolbox- Colorama

 Open a new workspace 650 by 650 pixels
Resize el19 by 70% and place around to make your own floral frame.
to fill in the spaces resize el28 by 35% and place where the vines are showing from the cluster of flowers we just placed.
Place el7 and apply Mura Meister copies encircle at default. Duplicate and increase the size by 120%
Place under the floral frame.
Resize el3 by 90% and place above the encircled leaves to the left, duplicate , mirror and merge.
Place el16 above this layer.
Place paper6 apply your mask, merge the group, duplicate, resize  by 50% and duplicate/move to each corner of the tag. Then merge all the masked layers together.
Place el 29 at the bottom of the tag and place your main tube.
Using your freehand selection tool setting: point to point select the tutu and promote the layer.Apply Xero Iridium at default to the tulle layer.
Then freehand select the stockings, promote the layer, duplicate twice and apply Xenofrx2- constellations setting : sm stars, change the seed for each layer.
Reszie the following elements:
 26- 45%
27- 25%
9- 50%
Free rotate the butterfly by 10 degrees to the right. Duplicate it and apply VM toolbox -colorama at default then change the blend to hue
Type your name with a linear gradient using two colors from your kit. I used the blued from the flower.
 Convert to raster, duplicate and apply Effects-Texture effects- sculpture and choose chipped paint for your texture.Change the blend to the top name to color then merge down and drop shadow.
 Add your license number Artist URL and CR

 to animate copy the green butterfly to your animating program. I use animation shop.
Then copy paste the merged hue butterfly. Apply image transition fade to the green butterfly. Select the second and second to the last frames . copy and paste behind the last frame, reverse the frames select all and change the time to 20
Select all and minimize.
Copy the tag from PSP/PS program and add the tag as a new animation having each frame with a different merged stocking layer. there should be three frames. Select all , copy and paste behind the last frame however many times( or frames ) you have for your butterfly. I had ten frames for mine.
Then copy/paste the butterfly frames into selected frames and save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking


Tube by Barbara Jensen called Little Ballerina a Bonus tube available at after a $10 tube purchase
Kit used is by Crazy Carita called Bubble bath which can be purchased here

font acorn swash
Mura Meister Copies-Glob
Open a new canvas sized 640 by 640
Place el17 and el18.
Reduce the size of el18 by 25%duplicate 3 times and arrange to follow the edge of the diamond shaped frame. Merge the small frames down and duplicate. Place on the other edges of the frame.
Place el 9 to the left, duplicate and mirror.
 This will act as your frame background and mask.
Place your tube behind the frame layer, duplicate and change the blend to the top tube to overlay.
Erase any part of the tube hanging past the bottom and sides of your frame. 
Add a drop shadow at this time
Free hand select and part of your tube covered by the frame on the top. Promote layer and move later above the frame.
Reduce the size of el27 to 25% and place on each corner of your frame.
Sizing for the following elements  are:
el14 and el29-50%
el7-25% then 50%
el10 and el25-25%
the bubble at 80% duplicate and then resize at 50%
Duplicate again and apply Mura Miester copies at these settings:
Duplicate this globbed bubbles and resize it by 50%
 the rest of the elements seen are at 35%
Place your tube in the mirror resize it by 50% lower opacity to 34 and erase the excess
 add your name artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking


Tube by Barbara Jensen bonus tube called Little Ballerina yours once you buy $10.00 worth of tubes at
Tube available until March5 2014
Matching kit called Little Ballerina by Crazy Carita
Available here for purchase