Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Tube by Barbara Jensen called Little Ballerina a Bonus tube available after a 10 dollar tube purchase at
Kit by Crazy Carita called Bluetiful found here for purchase
Font used
University Script
Mask used
Trese 314
 Filters/Plugins used
Mura Meister-Copies-Encircle
VM Toolbox- Colorama

 Open a new workspace 650 by 650 pixels
Resize el19 by 70% and place around to make your own floral frame.
to fill in the spaces resize el28 by 35% and place where the vines are showing from the cluster of flowers we just placed.
Place el7 and apply Mura Meister copies encircle at default. Duplicate and increase the size by 120%
Place under the floral frame.
Resize el3 by 90% and place above the encircled leaves to the left, duplicate , mirror and merge.
Place el16 above this layer.
Place paper6 apply your mask, merge the group, duplicate, resize  by 50% and duplicate/move to each corner of the tag. Then merge all the masked layers together.
Place el 29 at the bottom of the tag and place your main tube.
Using your freehand selection tool setting: point to point select the tutu and promote the layer.Apply Xero Iridium at default to the tulle layer.
Then freehand select the stockings, promote the layer, duplicate twice and apply Xenofrx2- constellations setting : sm stars, change the seed for each layer.
Reszie the following elements:
 26- 45%
27- 25%
9- 50%
Free rotate the butterfly by 10 degrees to the right. Duplicate it and apply VM toolbox -colorama at default then change the blend to hue
Type your name with a linear gradient using two colors from your kit. I used the blued from the flower.
 Convert to raster, duplicate and apply Effects-Texture effects- sculpture and choose chipped paint for your texture.Change the blend to the top name to color then merge down and drop shadow.
 Add your license number Artist URL and CR

 to animate copy the green butterfly to your animating program. I use animation shop.
Then copy paste the merged hue butterfly. Apply image transition fade to the green butterfly. Select the second and second to the last frames . copy and paste behind the last frame, reverse the frames select all and change the time to 20
Select all and minimize.
Copy the tag from PSP/PS program and add the tag as a new animation having each frame with a different merged stocking layer. there should be three frames. Select all , copy and paste behind the last frame however many times( or frames ) you have for your butterfly. I had ten frames for mine.
Then copy/paste the butterfly frames into selected frames and save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking

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