Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Tube by Barbara Jensen called Little Ballerina a Bonus tube available at after a $10 tube purchase
Kit used is by Crazy Carita called Bubble bath which can be purchased here

font acorn swash
Mura Meister Copies-Glob
Open a new canvas sized 640 by 640
Place el17 and el18.
Reduce the size of el18 by 25%duplicate 3 times and arrange to follow the edge of the diamond shaped frame. Merge the small frames down and duplicate. Place on the other edges of the frame.
Place el 9 to the left, duplicate and mirror.
 This will act as your frame background and mask.
Place your tube behind the frame layer, duplicate and change the blend to the top tube to overlay.
Erase any part of the tube hanging past the bottom and sides of your frame. 
Add a drop shadow at this time
Free hand select and part of your tube covered by the frame on the top. Promote layer and move later above the frame.
Reduce the size of el27 to 25% and place on each corner of your frame.
Sizing for the following elements  are:
el14 and el29-50%
el7-25% then 50%
el10 and el25-25%
the bubble at 80% duplicate and then resize at 50%
Duplicate again and apply Mura Miester copies at these settings:
Duplicate this globbed bubbles and resize it by 50%
 the rest of the elements seen are at 35%
Place your tube in the mirror resize it by 50% lower opacity to 34 and erase the excess
 add your name artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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