Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sexy Hunny Bunny

Tube by Zlata M  of
  HERE  for purchase
Kit By Hania Designs called Sexy Bunny found HERE  for purchase

 Mask1 set 6 By Rachel found HERE  for download
 Fonts used Cursive Option and LD Jessica

Star with a canvas sized 640 by 640
Reduce the size of your tube by 50% then 80%
Resize el 96 by 50%, click inside the frame with your magic wand, expand the selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 2 into selections.
Repeat with el 98 reducing it by 35% and using paper 10.
Place them  top left behind the large frame and bottom right above the larger frame.
Place el 34 above the larger frame following the curve of the large and small frame.
Resize el 6 by 50% and place behind the tube layer on the top and bottom of the tube.
Resize el 50 by 20% and place behind the tube to the left, duplicate, mirror and merge. Duplicate again and change the blend to the top to multiply.
Free rotate el 47 90 to the right and resize it by 50%. Place on top of the twigs to make a frame. duplicate and mirror. Duplicate and make the bottom of the frame.
With your freehand selection tool set to point to point. Follow the inside of the frame we just made. Once done add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper into selection
take parts of your tube and place over the paper changing the blend. i used overlay, screen and soft light as my blends.
Place el 100 behind the frame and reduce the size to fit. use your pick tool to adjust if needed.
 Resize el 75 by 50% and place around the top of the frame  Place el 68 resized at 50% behind the frame to the top right hand corner.
Reduce the size of el 85 and place around the bottom of your tag. Resize the bunny and baskets by 25%
Place el 80 as the last layer and repeat placement to cover all four corners of the tag.
 Then place paper 2 behind it apply your mask, merge group resize the mask by 50% and repeat placement around the four corners of the tag.
 In a dotted font I used LD Jessica sized 400 pixels type the word sexy. In a script font I used Cursive Option sized 125 type the word bunny
 add your name in the same font in size 95 and add a gradient glow.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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