Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ct Tags showoff of Blush Boudoir Kit

Tube by Very Many found at
Kit  by Pink Paradox Productions called Blush Boudoir
 But it here

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I'm giving up on you

Tube by Very Many found at
 Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called Fallen Angel sold Here
 mask by Rebel Designz
Font script of choice

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650 flood filled in white
Place frame9 and resize by 80% duplicate , mirror and merge.
 Click inside and place paper 23 behind it resized at 50%. Erase overhang.
Place el111 between the two frames and reduce by 65% . place el113 reduce by 25% then 80% and place on each side of the gate.
 Place el 106 reduced by 50% behind the gate.
Place 103 and reduce by 25% . place on the top of each frame then Place el65 reduced by 50% in the center  under the gate  top.
Place el 139 reduce by  5 then 80% under the frame layer.
Resize el1 and 140 by 25% and place under the left frame
Reduce el93 by 15% and place on the right frame.
 Reduce the size of el 163 by 355 and place behind the frame background on the side towards the bottom. Change the coloring to a grey I used Effects film and filtered muted reds at 100
Place el 166 in front of the frame and reduce by 50%
Place your tube in front of it and apply Effects- Photo effects- film and filters- muted reds at 15
Reduce el153 by 255 then free rotate it 50 to the right and place at the base of your tube.
 Duplicate it and place around the edges of your tag.
Reduce el 134 by 25% and place to the left, duplicate and mirror.
 Reduce the following elements and place as desired

22 ,38by 15%
20, 51,56,90 by 35%
3 mirror 20 then 50%
32 by 20%
8 by 10%
165 by 50%
 Add your name artist URL, CR and your license number thanks for looking

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blooming Shameless Tag

Tube by Barbara Jensen found at
Kit by Crazy Carita called Blooming Bright found here for purchase

Getting Away From It All

Tube by Very many found at
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called Down By The Bay
Found Here for purchase
 Xenofex2 Constellations
Eye Candy4 Gradient glow
Ruf enden wind
Open a new canvas 650 by 650 flood filled in white
 open frame9 and reduce the size by 50% then duplicate it and mirror. Bring the two frames together then merge.
 Place frame 5 behind it reduce by 80% twice, Then click inside the frame and expand your selection by 20. Reduce paper 16
 by 80%, invert selections and hit delete.
 Place el 60 on the left side and reduce by 25%, Duplicate and move to the right place the netting behind frame 5
Place el 105 as your last layer . We are gonna use this as our mask. Reduce by 50% and move to the top left corner. Duplicate and mirror until you have all four sides covered then merge them as one.
Reduce el 97 by 50% and place behind the framed  window to the right.
Reduce element 104 by 20% and place at the edge of the window frame on the left above the paper layer.
Resize el 26 by 35% twice and place to the top right side of the frame.
Reduce el 64 by 50% and using your pick tool setting I used to alter it was shear. move the curtain all the way to the right until the nodes reach the edge of your tag then move the top node to the right to move the top part of the curtain to the right edge of the frame. once done duplicate and mirror.
 Adjust the placement on the left if needed. Now lower the opacity to 50- 45( i forgot my setting before i merged them :( ) Using your eraser tool erase the two middle panels that are paste the edges of the tag. This will be covered by elements. On the left eraser the part of the curtain covering the foliage. i left the right side alone.
On the right side of the tag I resized the following elements
31, 30 and 40 at 20%
 88 at 15%
91 at 40%
98 at 30%
Working in the middle 
mirror and resize el 24 at 50%
Place my tube and resized it by 50%
 el 3 at 35%
el 96 at 40%
 Working on the left side
All the bottles were reduced by 15%
all the flowers by 20%
 el 63 by 10%
el 67 by 40%
Place el 85 and reduce by 505 to fill in any gaps between the frame and the elements
 place el 12 and 1 reduce by 10 % on the top of the frame
I made my wordart using the fonts written above and copy/pasted paper 24 into the fat font.
Added some 3d effects cutout by duplicating the word then apply Effects #D effects then cutout.
 On the original I used selection borders to make an outline. Selections- Select all- Modify- selection borders- click inside and setting to the number 2. Do not deselect Go to Adjust-Brightness/ contrast setting at 255, 100 click OK. then add some noise
 the rest of the word art i used a gradient with two colors from the kit and some gradient glow.
 Add your name artist URL, CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking
 Variation of the same tag above

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tempting Memories Tag

Tube Tongue Twister is by Barbara Jensen found in pack 56 sold here
 Kit by crazy Carita called memories

 Found here for purchase

Friday, April 18, 2014


Tube By Barbara Jensen called Tongue Twister found in Pack 56 at
Kit By Crazy Carita called Moroccan Mood

Found here for purchase
 Font Taibaijan
 mask by Jackie found here
 Animation  108 By Simone found HERE found at March 11 2012

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Place el10 and el 6 under it. Click inside the large circle frame, expand the selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy / paste paper 10 into selections, duplicate and change the blend to hard light and merge down.
Place paper1 in the last layer free rotate it 90 to the right and apply your mask.
Place el 22 above the masked layer towards the bottom, duplicate and mirror.
Place el 28 to the bottom left, duplicate mirror and flip. move it down to the right
Place el 23 above the large circle frame layer.
 Resize el 24a by 50% sharpen and place on each side of the oval frame
Place your designed layer tube, duplicate and apply vivid skin tone filter twice using the EFFECTS- PHOTO EFFECTS-FILM AND FILTERS-VIVID SKIN TONE  on the drop down menu.
Reduce el 28 by 805 and place to the bottom right behind the tube.
Reduce elements 14 and 30 by 25% and place on top of the carafe. Place the resized by 50% el 1 free rotated 90 to the left on the bottom.
Resize elements 19 and 11 by 25% sharpen and place on each side of the oval frame.
Place el 13 and erase the long stem.
 Resize element  26 by 50% and place behind it twice.
 Add your name , flood fill in the brass gradient add noise at 90% , contract by 1, add a new raster layer copy/ paste paper into selections then merge down, Add a drop shadow.
Place a branch element behind your name and reduce by 50%
Merge all the elements and tube above the oval frame layer. Close that layer  then merge visible the rest of the tag.
 Copy the bottom half of the tag to AS 21 times the amount of frames of you animation. Open your animation in As and reduce the size by 90%
 Copy paste to the selected frames Then copy the top half of the tag to AS.
 Add you artist Cr/URL and save as a GIF 
 Thanks for looking

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dark Fairy

Tube by Arthur Crowe sold at
Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called Moon Shadow Fae
 Purchase the Kit here
Mask WSL 345
Fonts A&S California Plug: Pixel Noir Skinny: Fairy DustB
Animations by Simone
one on the top  HERE and Sparkles 514  HERE
 Eye Candy 5 Impact- Gradient Glow
 Mura MesiterCopies
Jasc Animation Shop 3 Used

 open a new canvas 650 by 650 flood filled in white
Using the fat font sized 250 pixels type out the word DARK in all caps.
Select all then modify- contract by 20,Add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 32 into selections.
Duplicate and change the blend to Multiply. Merge down then change the opacity to 50.
Type the word FAIRY in the pixel font size 8 in white, align to center then convert to raster. Apply Mura Meister copies- Line Duplicate it then move it down and over. Repeat until you have four lines.
 Activate the papered word dark, move the pixel wording to the desired location then  invert selections and hit delete. Change the blend to overlay
Resize el71 by 50% and place behind the word dark to the right . Duplicate and move to the left.
Resize el 78 by 80 twice and place behind the wording 
Reduce the candies by 25% elements 4 and 36. place the fruited candy in the front and the rest behind the letters.
Resize el 120 and 121 by 25% Free rotate the vine 50 to the right.
Working on the left resize the dragon, skull and candle by 25% then reduce the candle again by 50%
El 123 resize by 50 then 80.
 Place the butterfly free rotate 20 to the right and sized down by 25%
Mirror el 116 and reduce by 20%
Place el 75 and reduce by 155 then again by 80% and move over one of the letters. Using your pick tool selection inside the gate and add a new raster layer copy/paste paper 35 into selection then place the mouse in front resized by 8%
Reduce el 69 by 50%and place to the right behind the wordart.
Place el 122 resized by 40% to the left .
 Resize the cloud and brick flooring by 80%
Place paper 23 as the last layer and apply your mask.
 Resize the moon by 35% and place behind the tree
Both tombstones by 15% and the Owl by 10%
 Add some grass around resized at 30%
Now to add your tube. Apply Eye candy Impact Gradient glow setting at Dark Aura click the inside and outside button, then duplicate your tube and change the blend to Burn Opacity to 17.
 Type out your name the color doesn't matter because we are gonna cover it in an element.
 Apply the same dark Aura gradient glow then use your magic wand to click inside the name add the wings of the butterfly over the lettering , repeat paste is you need to as a new layer then invert selections and delete the excess. add a bevel  and drop shadow.
 Add your artist URL and CR.
 To animate open your animation files in AS and count the frames. The file i used had 15 frames so i merge the tag Copy to AS 15 times.
 The color on the animation was a little off so i used AS to recolor my animation i used.
How to achieve this in AS Select all in AS and click the Animation menu up top in the drop menu there is Replace color click that and a window will open up. Click the color block on top to use the dropper to select your " old color" then select your new color from your tag you just pasted to AS.
 Repeat this function until you are satisfied with the color change.
Then reduce the size of your animation by 75% using the same menu but this time chose Resize animation on the menu and change the number to 75% .
 Then copy and paste into existing frames
 Repeat with the sparkle animation minus the sizing and recoloring
 Save as a GIF
 you are all done 
 Thanks for looking

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tags featuring Girly Summer Kit

Kit used in both tags  is named Girly Summer by Pink Paradox productions 

 for sale here
Both tags featured Very Many tubes from two stores. One is The PSP project at the Vault  here and the other is from her Indy store

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meadow Spring

Tube by  Disco Science from
Endless meadow kit by Pink Paradox Productions found here for purchase
Font Contribute
Mask  50 by Moonbeams and spiderwebs found here for download
 Mura Meister Copies
Gradient glow eye candy 4
 Open a new canvas 640 by 640 flood filled in white.
 Add paper 21
and apply your mask.
Add frame 6 free rotate it 25 degrees to the right and reduce the size by 80%
Click inside the frame , expand your selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper9 into selections.
Place frame 5 above the masked layer reduce the size by 40% place to the top right, duplicate, mirror, flip and merge down. Repeat application of paper using paper 2.
Place frame 2 above this layer and reduce by 40% and move to the right.
Place frame 3 behind the heart background reduce by 50% and place to the right, duplicate and mirror.
 Add el 120 and reduce by 35% place on the left above the daffodil frame on the bottom then duplicate and flip.
Reduce el 113 by 355 and place to the left behind the foliage.
 Duplicate free rotate 90 to the right then duplicate and mirror place them both on the bottom of the tag.
Reduce el 124 by 50% and place to the top left, duplicate and flip. place to the bottom right.
Place the flowers and leaves around as you wish. I resized the following elements
78,77,102, 90, 114 and 122 at 25%
95 at 10%
97 and 109 at 35%
 51 at 20%
Some elements done at 
el 26 at 255 and mirror
el 128 at 50%
el 52 at 15% then use the pick tool setting to shear and close in the nodes on the left to appear in the same angle as the birdhouse.
 Then type out a word i typed Spring and apply EFFECTS- 3D EFFECTS CUTOUT
 El 11 reduce by 155 and apply Mura Meister copies at these settings:
 Add your name in the color yellow then apply Inner Bevel with these settings:
 Duplicate the daisy and add it as an accent over the dots if you have one in your name
 Place your tube on your tag
 Add your artist URL , CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Take me Away

Tube by Alex Prihodko
 kit by Pink Paradox Productions called Gypsy Sunset
 found here for purchase
Font Arcana GMM Std Manuscript
 mask WSL 363
 Open a new canvas 640 by 640
 Resize frame 10 by 50% duplicate and move one to the left and the other to the right.Merge them down.
Resize the paper 5 by 65%, Click inside the frames, expand the selections by 4, invert selections and hit delete.
 Reize el145 by 35% and add to the top right and bottom left behind the frame background.
Place el 101 under this layer and under the frames.
Resize frame 9 by 40% and place behind the frame slayers in the center.
Resize el 152 by 505 and place above the frames layer.
 Place your tube above the sparkle layer and reduce the size by 50% if working with the same tube.
 Reduce el 99 by 25% and place to the left of the tube.
Place el 133 reduced by 50% to the bottom right
 Place el 148 and 123 resized at 40% then elements 113 and 44 at 30%
Place 129 behind the tube between the frames resized at 25%, duplicate and mirror.
Place 39 and 31 resized at 20%
Resize el 135 by 25% and place above the rock wall. then resize desired flowers at 10% on to the palms. i used flowers  115 and 119.
Reduce the size of elements 136 and 9 by 20%
Crop your tag add paper 29 resized at 75% then apply your mask. Use the pick tool to adjust the size if needed.
 close the mask layer and frame background layer. merge all the elements above the tube layer then duplicate and change the blend to multiply . Repeat with all the elements below the tube layer.
Reopen all the layers
 using paper 23 write your word art of choosing and apply a thick gradient glow
 Add your name, artist CR , URL and your license number

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Fresh

Tube by Alex Prihodko of

Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called Lemon Lime found here for purchase
Mask By Rachel used set2 mask1 download here
Font Wild Growth
Filters and Plugins:
 Mura Meister Copies Encircle

 Start with a 640 by 640 workspace flood filled in white
place paper 28 and apply your mask.
Reduce el111 by 50% and apply Mura Meister copies encircle
Place el 127 resized at 75% to the left on top of the trees
Resize el 75 by 25% and apply Encircle again and place above the leaves layer.
 Place frame2 resize at 70%. Click inside and expand selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper2 into selections then duplicate the paper layer and change the blend to multiply.
Resize el 94 by 20% then apply Encircle again and place above the frame layer.
 Place el76 resized at 25% around the top of the rose circle
Then place frame8 resized at 65%, click inside the frame, expand the selections by 2, add anew raster layer and copy paste paper 16 into selections.
Place your tube on top of the frame layer.Iresized mine by 50%
 Working on the left side of the tag reduce the size of element 66 by 25 % , 87 by 5% and  115 by 10%.
el 64 by 50%, el9 by 105 and 65 by 25%
 Duplicate the log and move to the right.
Reduce the size of element 97 by 20% and  el 45 by 25%
 To create the floral bouquet I reduced the size of the flowers and foliage by 5, 8 and 10% rotating the larger foliage 10 to the right and left the elements used were
75,77,79,80,92, 100,106 and 107
 elements 99 and 101 were at 20%
 reduce the size of el 126 and duplicate three times until darken then place at the bottom edge of your tube. Duplicate again and resize at 65% and move to the left and right.
Place elements 98 and 125 reducing them at 50%
 add your name in a gradient matching the kit colors.
 add your artist URL, CR and your license number Thanks for looking