Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dark Fairy

Tube by Arthur Crowe sold at
Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called Moon Shadow Fae
 Purchase the Kit here
Mask WSL 345
Fonts A&S California Plug: Pixel Noir Skinny: Fairy DustB
Animations by Simone
one on the top  HERE and Sparkles 514  HERE
 Eye Candy 5 Impact- Gradient Glow
 Mura MesiterCopies
Jasc Animation Shop 3 Used

 open a new canvas 650 by 650 flood filled in white
Using the fat font sized 250 pixels type out the word DARK in all caps.
Select all then modify- contract by 20,Add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 32 into selections.
Duplicate and change the blend to Multiply. Merge down then change the opacity to 50.
Type the word FAIRY in the pixel font size 8 in white, align to center then convert to raster. Apply Mura Meister copies- Line Duplicate it then move it down and over. Repeat until you have four lines.
 Activate the papered word dark, move the pixel wording to the desired location then  invert selections and hit delete. Change the blend to overlay
Resize el71 by 50% and place behind the word dark to the right . Duplicate and move to the left.
Resize el 78 by 80 twice and place behind the wording 
Reduce the candies by 25% elements 4 and 36. place the fruited candy in the front and the rest behind the letters.
Resize el 120 and 121 by 25% Free rotate the vine 50 to the right.
Working on the left resize the dragon, skull and candle by 25% then reduce the candle again by 50%
El 123 resize by 50 then 80.
 Place the butterfly free rotate 20 to the right and sized down by 25%
Mirror el 116 and reduce by 20%
Place el 75 and reduce by 155 then again by 80% and move over one of the letters. Using your pick tool selection inside the gate and add a new raster layer copy/paste paper 35 into selection then place the mouse in front resized by 8%
Reduce el 69 by 50%and place to the right behind the wordart.
Place el 122 resized by 40% to the left .
 Resize the cloud and brick flooring by 80%
Place paper 23 as the last layer and apply your mask.
 Resize the moon by 35% and place behind the tree
Both tombstones by 15% and the Owl by 10%
 Add some grass around resized at 30%
Now to add your tube. Apply Eye candy Impact Gradient glow setting at Dark Aura click the inside and outside button, then duplicate your tube and change the blend to Burn Opacity to 17.
 Type out your name the color doesn't matter because we are gonna cover it in an element.
 Apply the same dark Aura gradient glow then use your magic wand to click inside the name add the wings of the butterfly over the lettering , repeat paste is you need to as a new layer then invert selections and delete the excess. add a bevel  and drop shadow.
 Add your artist URL and CR.
 To animate open your animation files in AS and count the frames. The file i used had 15 frames so i merge the tag Copy to AS 15 times.
 The color on the animation was a little off so i used AS to recolor my animation i used.
How to achieve this in AS Select all in AS and click the Animation menu up top in the drop menu there is Replace color click that and a window will open up. Click the color block on top to use the dropper to select your " old color" then select your new color from your tag you just pasted to AS.
 Repeat this function until you are satisfied with the color change.
Then reduce the size of your animation by 75% using the same menu but this time chose Resize animation on the menu and change the number to 75% .
 Then copy and paste into existing frames
 Repeat with the sparkle animation minus the sizing and recoloring
 Save as a GIF
 you are all done 
 Thanks for looking

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