Friday, April 18, 2014


Tube By Barbara Jensen called Tongue Twister found in Pack 56 at
Kit By Crazy Carita called Moroccan Mood

Found here for purchase
 Font Taibaijan
 mask by Jackie found here
 Animation  108 By Simone found HERE found at March 11 2012

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Place el10 and el 6 under it. Click inside the large circle frame, expand the selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy / paste paper 10 into selections, duplicate and change the blend to hard light and merge down.
Place paper1 in the last layer free rotate it 90 to the right and apply your mask.
Place el 22 above the masked layer towards the bottom, duplicate and mirror.
Place el 28 to the bottom left, duplicate mirror and flip. move it down to the right
Place el 23 above the large circle frame layer.
 Resize el 24a by 50% sharpen and place on each side of the oval frame
Place your designed layer tube, duplicate and apply vivid skin tone filter twice using the EFFECTS- PHOTO EFFECTS-FILM AND FILTERS-VIVID SKIN TONE  on the drop down menu.
Reduce el 28 by 805 and place to the bottom right behind the tube.
Reduce elements 14 and 30 by 25% and place on top of the carafe. Place the resized by 50% el 1 free rotated 90 to the left on the bottom.
Resize elements 19 and 11 by 25% sharpen and place on each side of the oval frame.
Place el 13 and erase the long stem.
 Resize element  26 by 50% and place behind it twice.
 Add your name , flood fill in the brass gradient add noise at 90% , contract by 1, add a new raster layer copy/ paste paper into selections then merge down, Add a drop shadow.
Place a branch element behind your name and reduce by 50%
Merge all the elements and tube above the oval frame layer. Close that layer  then merge visible the rest of the tag.
 Copy the bottom half of the tag to AS 21 times the amount of frames of you animation. Open your animation in As and reduce the size by 90%
 Copy paste to the selected frames Then copy the top half of the tag to AS.
 Add you artist Cr/URL and save as a GIF 
 Thanks for looking

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