Thursday, April 24, 2014

Getting Away From It All

Tube by Very many found at
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called Down By The Bay
Found Here for purchase
 Xenofex2 Constellations
Eye Candy4 Gradient glow
Ruf enden wind
Open a new canvas 650 by 650 flood filled in white
 open frame9 and reduce the size by 50% then duplicate it and mirror. Bring the two frames together then merge.
 Place frame 5 behind it reduce by 80% twice, Then click inside the frame and expand your selection by 20. Reduce paper 16
 by 80%, invert selections and hit delete.
 Place el 60 on the left side and reduce by 25%, Duplicate and move to the right place the netting behind frame 5
Place el 105 as your last layer . We are gonna use this as our mask. Reduce by 50% and move to the top left corner. Duplicate and mirror until you have all four sides covered then merge them as one.
Reduce el 97 by 50% and place behind the framed  window to the right.
Reduce element 104 by 20% and place at the edge of the window frame on the left above the paper layer.
Resize el 26 by 35% twice and place to the top right side of the frame.
Reduce el 64 by 50% and using your pick tool setting I used to alter it was shear. move the curtain all the way to the right until the nodes reach the edge of your tag then move the top node to the right to move the top part of the curtain to the right edge of the frame. once done duplicate and mirror.
 Adjust the placement on the left if needed. Now lower the opacity to 50- 45( i forgot my setting before i merged them :( ) Using your eraser tool erase the two middle panels that are paste the edges of the tag. This will be covered by elements. On the left eraser the part of the curtain covering the foliage. i left the right side alone.
On the right side of the tag I resized the following elements
31, 30 and 40 at 20%
 88 at 15%
91 at 40%
98 at 30%
Working in the middle 
mirror and resize el 24 at 50%
Place my tube and resized it by 50%
 el 3 at 35%
el 96 at 40%
 Working on the left side
All the bottles were reduced by 15%
all the flowers by 20%
 el 63 by 10%
el 67 by 40%
Place el 85 and reduce by 505 to fill in any gaps between the frame and the elements
 place el 12 and 1 reduce by 10 % on the top of the frame
I made my wordart using the fonts written above and copy/pasted paper 24 into the fat font.
Added some 3d effects cutout by duplicating the word then apply Effects #D effects then cutout.
 On the original I used selection borders to make an outline. Selections- Select all- Modify- selection borders- click inside and setting to the number 2. Do not deselect Go to Adjust-Brightness/ contrast setting at 255, 100 click OK. then add some noise
 the rest of the word art i used a gradient with two colors from the kit and some gradient glow.
 Add your name artist URL, CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking
 Variation of the same tag above

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