Saturday, April 26, 2014

I'm giving up on you

Tube by Very Many found at
 Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called Fallen Angel sold Here
 mask by Rebel Designz
Font script of choice

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650 flood filled in white
Place frame9 and resize by 80% duplicate , mirror and merge.
 Click inside and place paper 23 behind it resized at 50%. Erase overhang.
Place el111 between the two frames and reduce by 65% . place el113 reduce by 25% then 80% and place on each side of the gate.
 Place el 106 reduced by 50% behind the gate.
Place 103 and reduce by 25% . place on the top of each frame then Place el65 reduced by 50% in the center  under the gate  top.
Place el 139 reduce by  5 then 80% under the frame layer.
Resize el1 and 140 by 25% and place under the left frame
Reduce el93 by 15% and place on the right frame.
 Reduce the size of el 163 by 355 and place behind the frame background on the side towards the bottom. Change the coloring to a grey I used Effects film and filtered muted reds at 100
Place el 166 in front of the frame and reduce by 50%
Place your tube in front of it and apply Effects- Photo effects- film and filters- muted reds at 15
Reduce el153 by 255 then free rotate it 50 to the right and place at the base of your tube.
 Duplicate it and place around the edges of your tag.
Reduce el 134 by 25% and place to the left, duplicate and mirror.
 Reduce the following elements and place as desired

22 ,38by 15%
20, 51,56,90 by 35%
3 mirror 20 then 50%
32 by 20%
8 by 10%
165 by 50%
 Add your name artist URL, CR and your license number thanks for looking

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