Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meadow Spring

Tube by  Disco Science from
Endless meadow kit by Pink Paradox Productions found here for purchase
Font Contribute
Mask  50 by Moonbeams and spiderwebs found here for download
 Mura Meister Copies
Gradient glow eye candy 4
 Open a new canvas 640 by 640 flood filled in white.
 Add paper 21
and apply your mask.
Add frame 6 free rotate it 25 degrees to the right and reduce the size by 80%
Click inside the frame , expand your selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper9 into selections.
Place frame 5 above the masked layer reduce the size by 40% place to the top right, duplicate, mirror, flip and merge down. Repeat application of paper using paper 2.
Place frame 2 above this layer and reduce by 40% and move to the right.
Place frame 3 behind the heart background reduce by 50% and place to the right, duplicate and mirror.
 Add el 120 and reduce by 35% place on the left above the daffodil frame on the bottom then duplicate and flip.
Reduce el 113 by 355 and place to the left behind the foliage.
 Duplicate free rotate 90 to the right then duplicate and mirror place them both on the bottom of the tag.
Reduce el 124 by 50% and place to the top left, duplicate and flip. place to the bottom right.
Place the flowers and leaves around as you wish. I resized the following elements
78,77,102, 90, 114 and 122 at 25%
95 at 10%
97 and 109 at 35%
 51 at 20%
Some elements done at 
el 26 at 255 and mirror
el 128 at 50%
el 52 at 15% then use the pick tool setting to shear and close in the nodes on the left to appear in the same angle as the birdhouse.
 Then type out a word i typed Spring and apply EFFECTS- 3D EFFECTS CUTOUT
 El 11 reduce by 155 and apply Mura Meister copies at these settings:
 Add your name in the color yellow then apply Inner Bevel with these settings:
 Duplicate the daisy and add it as an accent over the dots if you have one in your name
 Place your tube on your tag
 Add your artist URL , CR and your license number.
 Thanks for looking

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