Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Fresh

Tube by Alex Prihodko of

Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called Lemon Lime found here for purchase
Mask By Rachel used set2 mask1 download here
Font Wild Growth
Filters and Plugins:
 Mura Meister Copies Encircle

 Start with a 640 by 640 workspace flood filled in white
place paper 28 and apply your mask.
Reduce el111 by 50% and apply Mura Meister copies encircle
Place el 127 resized at 75% to the left on top of the trees
Resize el 75 by 25% and apply Encircle again and place above the leaves layer.
 Place frame2 resize at 70%. Click inside and expand selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper2 into selections then duplicate the paper layer and change the blend to multiply.
Resize el 94 by 20% then apply Encircle again and place above the frame layer.
 Place el76 resized at 25% around the top of the rose circle
Then place frame8 resized at 65%, click inside the frame, expand the selections by 2, add anew raster layer and copy paste paper 16 into selections.
Place your tube on top of the frame layer.Iresized mine by 50%
 Working on the left side of the tag reduce the size of element 66 by 25 % , 87 by 5% and  115 by 10%.
el 64 by 50%, el9 by 105 and 65 by 25%
 Duplicate the log and move to the right.
Reduce the size of element 97 by 20% and  el 45 by 25%
 To create the floral bouquet I reduced the size of the flowers and foliage by 5, 8 and 10% rotating the larger foliage 10 to the right and left the elements used were
75,77,79,80,92, 100,106 and 107
 elements 99 and 101 were at 20%
 reduce the size of el 126 and duplicate three times until darken then place at the bottom edge of your tube. Duplicate again and resize at 65% and move to the left and right.
Place elements 98 and 125 reducing them at 50%
 add your name in a gradient matching the kit colors.
 add your artist URL, CR and your license number Thanks for looking

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