Friday, May 30, 2014

Pretty In The Sun

Tube By Alex Pridhodko at
Template 584  by Millie found here for download
 Kit  named Aqua By Mirella found here for download
Font- Aguafina script
mask 308 by Trese download here
 Open the template up and delete the Cr layer
Copy and paste the papers into the following layers
paper2 into layers 1 and 2
paper1 into layers 3 and 4
paper3 into layers 5 and 6
el20 into layer7
paper6 into layers 8 and 9
paper15 into layers 10 and 11
layer12 copy paste element21 then 19 into selection
 Place paper19 as the last layer and apply your mask
Place element78 to the right, duplicate,mirror and reisze by 75%
Resize el 72 by 50% ans place over layers 1 and 2
resize el70 by 505 and place over layer4
Reduce el24 by 50% and place between layers 8 and 9.
 Place el80 over each of the layers free rotate it by 10 degrees and reduce by 50%
Reduce el88 by 505 and place to the left, duplicate reduce by 65% and mirror.
Place the closeup tubes in the circle layers, change the blend to luminance and lower the opacity to 56.
 Reduce el71 by 50% and place over each circle
Place your tube in the center
Reduce the following elements
12,61,82 by 35%
 60,63,65, 69,87 by 50%
10 by 80%
place element 6  and mirror
add your name, cr, url and your license number

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stars tag

This set is made with the bonus tube called POOF! available until may 29th at midnight after a 10 dollar tube 

purchase at
Kit used in this set is by Crazy Carita called

The White Red and Blue

Buy it here

American BBQ

Tube by ZlataM found at
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called Patriotic Party
 buy it here

Font porn start academy
mask WSL84
Gradient Glow used on the name

open a 650 by 650 work space flood filed in white
Resize frame 12 by 65% and free rotate 10 to the left .
 Frame 13 by 50% and rotate ten to the right
Place paper 14  into selections of frame 12 and paper 13 into selections of frame 13
Place paper 25 and apply your mask
Resize elements 140 and 128 by 50%. Place the sun to the right and the tree to the left.
Working on the left side of the tag
 Reduce elements
88 by 50%
24 by 40%
28 by 30%
 all place to the left behind the star frame background layer.
in front of the frames to the bottom left elements resized
25 at 35%
33  and 36 at 30%
34 and 35 at 15%
13 and 136 at 50%
 free rotate element 36 10 to the left
 On the right side
18 at 65%
22 at 25%
14 and 15 at 50%
41 and 42 at 40%
Free rotate one of the grilling utensils 10 to the left.
 Place one of the berries on top of the other, lower the opacity and erase a portion of it to look like they are mixed a bit.
 Add your tube and apply Effects- Photo Effects- Time Machine- set slider to the 60's intensity set to 50
 Add your name and apply a patriotic glow
 Place element 4 and reduce by 45%
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

Monday, May 19, 2014

Pirate Booty Tag

Tube used in this tag is called Poof a bonus tube found at after a ten dollar tube purchase

 Kit is by Crazy Carita called Pirate Booty

 Found here for purchase

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Tube by Ellie Milk of
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called Bright and Cheery 
 found here for purchase

WSL 363
font of choice

 Gradient Glow
Constellations- Xenofex2

 workspace 650 by 650
place 29 and apply your mask
Reduce el123 by 75% and free rotate it 15 to the left.
Mirror el 44 and place behind the frame. Use the pick tool to match the angle of the heart if needed.
Reduce el 92 by 50% and place behind the frame to the bottom left
 Place el 61 in the center and reduce by 50%
Place and mirror el 118 reduce by 90% twice and place under the large flower layer.
place el114 reduced by 50% right behind the frame to the upper right.
 And el 97 resized the same size place to the bottom right
Plae el 62 right above the masked layer and erase the table.
reduce 126 by 50% and free rotate it 90 to the left and place it to the left above the frame layer
Reduce el 95 y 20% and place behind the teapot cluster to the left
Add a thick white gradient glow soften the edges and lower the opacity. Then using your magic wand click the glow you just added and apply Xenosfex2 constellations to it. Duplicate the tube change the blend to screen and apply Effect- Photo Effect film/filters glamour at default to the bottom tube.
Reduce el 120 by 405 and place behind the cluster
 Reduce elements 103 and 90 by 25%
 Element 4 by 10% and element 140 by 40%
 Reduce element 137 by 50% and place on the top left side of the tags, duplicate and move to the bottom right side of the tag. Merge them together and drop shadow.
 Select all Add a new raster layer and copy paste paper27 into selections. delete the original design
Add your name in a nice script
 Artist URL, CR and your license number Thanks for looking

Friday, May 16, 2014

Jeweled Up

Tube called Poof is a Bonus tube by Barbara Jensen
Buy $10.00 or more in tubes from and get the layered bonus tube titled "Poof"!
Layer pack 57 now available
Kit used in this tag is by Crazy Carita called Jeweled
 buy it here
 mask by Rachel RRmaskset2-2 found here
font cake script

Open a canvas size 650 by 650 flood filled in white
Resize el18 by 80% and place the closeup tube below and above it.
 Click inside with your magic wand and expand the selections by 3. 
Add a  new raster layer copy/paste paper1 into selections
place el9 above the frame layer and reduce by 80%
 Place el 11 to the left and el25 to the right add some noise to the splatter
 place paper and apply your mask
 place el 5 to the left, duplicate, mirror, merge and reduce by 95%
place el 17 and reduce by 95%
place el8 on both sides of the frames.
Free rotate el 22 90 to the left and reduce by 80%. place above the frame on the left and behind it on the right.
resize el 26 by 80%
elements 14, 13, 15, 16 and 4 by 50%
element2 by 15%
element 30 by 65%
Add your name, artist URL , CR and your license number.
 to animate I used lighten/ darken brush on the ring
Sandflower pool shadow on the frames
 and the diamond frame i used Xenofex2 Constellations

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Night To Remember

TubeZlata M of
 Kit by Pink Paradox Productions Called Elegant Beauty found here for purchase
 Font Signarita Chloe
 Open a new canvas flood filled in white sized 650 by 650
Reduce frame 3by 80% twice
 Repeat with paper 18
duplicate the paper then close one of them.
Move the paper to show the sky then duplicate, change blend to multiply and merge down.
 place element 80 above it.
 Open the closed paper and select the water, invert the selections and delete. place this paper layer above the cityscape, duplicate it then change the blend to screen. Click inside the frame with your magic wand and expand the selections by 3, invert selections then hit delete on the cityscape and both paper layers.
Reduce the moon to 25%and place on the top left side of the paper.
Reduce frame1 and element 109 by 50% and place behind the  previous frame background, duplicate them , mirror and merge them down.
Resize element 85 by 50% then place at the bottom on top of the frame layer, duplicate and move to the left.
 Reduce el 98 and 128 by 50% and place on each side of the frame
 Then Reduce el 83by 50% and place in front towards the bottom left.
Reduce the piano by 45% then reduce the elements on top of it as follows:
31 by 25%
32 by 25% then 80%
35 by 15%
Elements on the left side
7 by 25% then 50%
52 and 30 by 15%
elements on the right
elements 9 and 40 by 15%
53,65 and 113 by 20%
element 47 by 15% then using your pick tool set to perspective pull in the right nodes to angle or lean the violin.
Add your name add some noise, drop shadow in the color from the tag.
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number
Add el 122 as your mask, crop and save as a PNG
 Thanks for looking

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Princess Mermaid

Tube by Alex Prihodko sold at
 Kit  by Pink Paradox Productions called Mermaid  princess
 Found here for purchase
 Font Always beside you
 mask WSL220
Sandflower pool shadow

Start with a 650 by 650 workspace flood filled in white
Place paper2 and apply your mask.
Reduce el61 by 80%then place your tube in front of it.
 We will build the tag around these items
Reduce frame 25 by 40% , duplicate mirror and merge down.
 Click inside with your magic wand and expand your selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 2 into selections.
 Apply Pool shadow increase the diagonal slide to the maximum number and click OK.
Reduce frame1 by 50% and place  behind the frame background we just created.
Reduce el 127 by 50% and place behind frame1 twice
 Place el 125 behind it a couple of times, mirrored and flipped if needed.
Reduce el 15 by 15% and lower the opacity to 59.
 Reduce el 66 by 10% and place at each corner of the frames
Reduce 126 and 105 by 50% and place on each side above the frames layers.
Reduce the following elements
87, 75, 143 and 3 by 50%
60, 109,and 113 by 25%
 element 24 by 35% and apply Effects, Photo effects- film and filters- Vivid setting to 17 and using the color picker pick the magenta from the kit. this is to change the hue a bit.
Repeat this for the tube but change the color to white, duplicate and apply Gaussian blur of 5 and change the blend to soft light.
 Add your name in a gold gradient and apply Effects- Enhance edges
Add your artist URL, CR and your ,license number
 Thanks for looking

Friday, May 9, 2014

Beach Dream

Tube by Trnita sold here 
Kit by Hania Designs called Mermaid sold here
Mask of choice
Font Sang Fatchurroma
 sandflower- pool shadow used for the name

Open a workspace 650 by 650 
 Place el100 and reduce by 75%
Place el 94 and 33 above the wreath
Place el 15 and using your pick tool setting to scale pull in the edges to match the edges of the size of the canvas.
Place el 97 above this layer.
Place el 83 and 76 under the layer to the left.
Place el 33 again above the frame layer.
Place el  46 on top of the frame layer and towards the left.
 Resize el 14,18 , 37 , 45, 65and 69 by 50%
 mirror el 3 and place el 35 over the white circle in the center of your frame background.
Place el9 and your tube.
 Place el 28 over the tube layer and position the wording to look like it is coming out of the shell.
Reduce el 8 by 40% and place over the tube layer.
Reduce el 82 by 35% and place to the right.
 Add paper 1 and apply your mask
Add your name, artist URL,CR and your license number

Violet Special Tag

 Tag made with a tube by Barbara Jensen sold at
Kit By  Crazy Carita called Red Velvet sold at  here