Monday, May 12, 2014

A Night To Remember

TubeZlata M of
 Kit by Pink Paradox Productions Called Elegant Beauty found here for purchase
 Font Signarita Chloe
 Open a new canvas flood filled in white sized 650 by 650
Reduce frame 3by 80% twice
 Repeat with paper 18
duplicate the paper then close one of them.
Move the paper to show the sky then duplicate, change blend to multiply and merge down.
 place element 80 above it.
 Open the closed paper and select the water, invert the selections and delete. place this paper layer above the cityscape, duplicate it then change the blend to screen. Click inside the frame with your magic wand and expand the selections by 3, invert selections then hit delete on the cityscape and both paper layers.
Reduce the moon to 25%and place on the top left side of the paper.
Reduce frame1 and element 109 by 50% and place behind the  previous frame background, duplicate them , mirror and merge them down.
Resize element 85 by 50% then place at the bottom on top of the frame layer, duplicate and move to the left.
 Reduce el 98 and 128 by 50% and place on each side of the frame
 Then Reduce el 83by 50% and place in front towards the bottom left.
Reduce the piano by 45% then reduce the elements on top of it as follows:
31 by 25%
32 by 25% then 80%
35 by 15%
Elements on the left side
7 by 25% then 50%
52 and 30 by 15%
elements on the right
elements 9 and 40 by 15%
53,65 and 113 by 20%
element 47 by 15% then using your pick tool set to perspective pull in the right nodes to angle or lean the violin.
Add your name add some noise, drop shadow in the color from the tag.
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number
Add el 122 as your mask, crop and save as a PNG
 Thanks for looking

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