Wednesday, May 28, 2014

American BBQ

Tube by ZlataM found at
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called Patriotic Party
 buy it here

Font porn start academy
mask WSL84
Gradient Glow used on the name

open a 650 by 650 work space flood filed in white
Resize frame 12 by 65% and free rotate 10 to the left .
 Frame 13 by 50% and rotate ten to the right
Place paper 14  into selections of frame 12 and paper 13 into selections of frame 13
Place paper 25 and apply your mask
Resize elements 140 and 128 by 50%. Place the sun to the right and the tree to the left.
Working on the left side of the tag
 Reduce elements
88 by 50%
24 by 40%
28 by 30%
 all place to the left behind the star frame background layer.
in front of the frames to the bottom left elements resized
25 at 35%
33  and 36 at 30%
34 and 35 at 15%
13 and 136 at 50%
 free rotate element 36 10 to the left
 On the right side
18 at 65%
22 at 25%
14 and 15 at 50%
41 and 42 at 40%
Free rotate one of the grilling utensils 10 to the left.
 Place one of the berries on top of the other, lower the opacity and erase a portion of it to look like they are mixed a bit.
 Add your tube and apply Effects- Photo Effects- Time Machine- set slider to the 60's intensity set to 50
 Add your name and apply a patriotic glow
 Place element 4 and reduce by 45%
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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