Friday, May 9, 2014

Beach Dream

Tube by Trnita sold here 
Kit by Hania Designs called Mermaid sold here
Mask of choice
Font Sang Fatchurroma
 sandflower- pool shadow used for the name

Open a workspace 650 by 650 
 Place el100 and reduce by 75%
Place el 94 and 33 above the wreath
Place el 15 and using your pick tool setting to scale pull in the edges to match the edges of the size of the canvas.
Place el 97 above this layer.
Place el 83 and 76 under the layer to the left.
Place el 33 again above the frame layer.
Place el  46 on top of the frame layer and towards the left.
 Resize el 14,18 , 37 , 45, 65and 69 by 50%
 mirror el 3 and place el 35 over the white circle in the center of your frame background.
Place el9 and your tube.
 Place el 28 over the tube layer and position the wording to look like it is coming out of the shell.
Reduce el 8 by 40% and place over the tube layer.
Reduce el 82 by 35% and place to the right.
 Add paper 1 and apply your mask
Add your name, artist URL,CR and your license number

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