Friday, May 30, 2014

Pretty In The Sun

Tube By Alex Pridhodko at
Template 584  by Millie found here for download
 Kit  named Aqua By Mirella found here for download
Font- Aguafina script
mask 308 by Trese download here
 Open the template up and delete the Cr layer
Copy and paste the papers into the following layers
paper2 into layers 1 and 2
paper1 into layers 3 and 4
paper3 into layers 5 and 6
el20 into layer7
paper6 into layers 8 and 9
paper15 into layers 10 and 11
layer12 copy paste element21 then 19 into selection
 Place paper19 as the last layer and apply your mask
Place element78 to the right, duplicate,mirror and reisze by 75%
Resize el 72 by 50% ans place over layers 1 and 2
resize el70 by 505 and place over layer4
Reduce el24 by 50% and place between layers 8 and 9.
 Place el80 over each of the layers free rotate it by 10 degrees and reduce by 50%
Reduce el88 by 505 and place to the left, duplicate reduce by 65% and mirror.
Place the closeup tubes in the circle layers, change the blend to luminance and lower the opacity to 56.
 Reduce el71 by 50% and place over each circle
Place your tube in the center
Reduce the following elements
12,61,82 by 35%
 60,63,65, 69,87 by 50%
10 by 80%
place element 6  and mirror
add your name, cr, url and your license number

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