Saturday, May 17, 2014


Tube by Ellie Milk of
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions called Bright and Cheery 
 found here for purchase

WSL 363
font of choice

 Gradient Glow
Constellations- Xenofex2

 workspace 650 by 650
place 29 and apply your mask
Reduce el123 by 75% and free rotate it 15 to the left.
Mirror el 44 and place behind the frame. Use the pick tool to match the angle of the heart if needed.
Reduce el 92 by 50% and place behind the frame to the bottom left
 Place el 61 in the center and reduce by 50%
Place and mirror el 118 reduce by 90% twice and place under the large flower layer.
place el114 reduced by 50% right behind the frame to the upper right.
 And el 97 resized the same size place to the bottom right
Plae el 62 right above the masked layer and erase the table.
reduce 126 by 50% and free rotate it 90 to the left and place it to the left above the frame layer
Reduce el 95 y 20% and place behind the teapot cluster to the left
Add a thick white gradient glow soften the edges and lower the opacity. Then using your magic wand click the glow you just added and apply Xenosfex2 constellations to it. Duplicate the tube change the blend to screen and apply Effect- Photo Effect film/filters glamour at default to the bottom tube.
Reduce el 120 by 405 and place behind the cluster
 Reduce elements 103 and 90 by 25%
 Element 4 by 10% and element 140 by 40%
 Reduce element 137 by 50% and place on the top left side of the tags, duplicate and move to the bottom right side of the tag. Merge them together and drop shadow.
 Select all Add a new raster layer and copy paste paper27 into selections. delete the original design
Add your name in a nice script
 Artist URL, CR and your license number Thanks for looking

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