Sunday, June 29, 2014

Team USA

Tube by  Chris pastel of
FTU USA kit by Addictive Pleasure found here
Mask 11 By  Melissa found here for download
Template by Dee found here for download
 Font CK Sports Soccer
Eye Candy5 impact-gradient glow
Eye candy 4 - glass
Photo Effects - Timeline
Xero _ Clarify
Open your template and resize 650 pixels on it's longest side
 Delete the CR, and all the corresponding ribbon layers
 Add your tube and reduce by 50% then 80%
Sharpen then apply Xero Clarify at default
apply your mask to paper 3
reduce the wrie by 50% and place on each side of the tag's canvas. move this layer once merged to the bottom above the masked paper layer
place the glitter above this layer towards the left, duplicate and mirror
Reduce paper 8 by 50% and place over the white strip layers of your template. erase any overhang
Repeat with paper 9 on the red strips.
Apply a patriotic gradient glow on the red strips papered layer.
Copy/paste paper4 into selection of the center blue rectangle and apply the same gradient glow
Reduce paper6 by 505 and place over the center oval. Apply the same gradient glow over the dotted layer.
Copy/paste paper10 into selection of the light blue circle layer and apply the gradient glow again.
Place the fireworks above this layer.
 Copy paste paper 12 into the white ring layer and paper11 into the black ring
Close the center white strip reduce the size of paper 7 by 50% and place over the grey strip layer only %showing USA. Reduce the film strip by 50% and apply Photo effects- timeline 1960s.
 Reduce the  glassbrad by 25% and place over the two circle layers.
 Activate each white square and contract by 20, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper5 into selection then sharpen more.
Reduce fireworks2 by 50% and place to the top left.
Reduce paper 1
by 50% then place over raster12 which is the red star under the glass layer. erase any overhang.
Reduce the following elements and place on your tag
 football2 , wire2, banner  and bow4 by 50%
Football by 45%
cap and world cup by 40%
 Add your name, place paper1 inside it and apply the glass  and gradient glow filters.
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

Friday, June 27, 2014

Circus tags

 Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called Forgotten Circus
 found here for purchase

 here is another tag made with this awesome kit

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sunny Beach

Tube by Alex Prihodko from
FTU kit by Gothic Inspirations called Catch the wave
 found here for DLL
 mask by Rachel 3-4 download it here
font- point dexter
 open a new canvas flood filled in white sized 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 50% then 80%
Reduce frame1 by 80 %
Reduce paper by 15% then apply Photo effects timeline 1960's, duplicate, change the blend to multiply then merge down
Open ocean and place over the paper layer.
position the paper under the frame layer and ocean layer. using your magic wand, click inside the frame, invert selections and delete the excess paper and ocean layer.
Reduce frame by 80%then 90% and free rotate it 5 to the left place behind the paper layer.
 Resize the palm by 75% and place to the left
Draw out a circle behind the palm in the colors of your tube's bikini bottom. Use a linear gradient setting to 0
 Duplicate and apply Eye candy 5 Impact gradient glow with these settings:
Place the sand under the tube layer duplicate until it is thicker then merge them down apply the photo effects again then duplicate and change the blend to screen and opacity to 32.
Reduce the following elements
 Flower by 15%
 butterflies by 35%
Pattern by 50%
sealife by20%
Place the sparkle and clouds. use the pick tool to reduce the size
Then crop your tag add your name, artist URL , CR and your license number

Monday, June 23, 2014

Letters To Heaven

Tube Alex Prihodko
 kit By Kelly - Kizzed By Kelz called Letters to heaven found here for purchase
 Font- Always beside you
 Mask gems 108
 Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650 flood filled in black yes black or dark grey we will be working with light colored and white elements
First thing i did was dress my tube with the accessories, tattoo,wings ,lipstick and jewelry.
 i lowered the opacity of the wings just a little bit around 80. merged visible then pasted ontop of my tube merged then down and copied to my canvas.
 I reduced the tube until it fit on my canvas about 80% twice
Duplicate your tube and on the top layer apply Gaussian Blur at 5 and change the blend to screen. Add a light drop shadow to the bottom tube
place el41 to the top right and reduce by 80%
Place el14 above the gate layer and under the bottom edge of the gate.
Place el71 under the layers right were the both of the gate and stairs edges meet.
place el32 to the left of the gate, duplicate and reduce by 80% mirror and place to the right
place el 44 right behind the gate entrance.
Place el 51 right beside it on the left
Place el31 around the tag to fill in the space i placed it on the bottom under the tube layer twice, then free rotated it 90 to the right and move to the right under the stairs, duplicated it and mirrored.
Place el34 behind your tube on the left and the pillow element behind the tube and above the sleeping angel element
place the flower elements under the left side of the tube and reduce by 50% and 25%
 Reduce el9 ,4,42 by 50%
el 3  and 52 by 25%
 place elements 37, 38 and 2 on the tag
Add your name and paste paper1 into selections then apply effects-edge effects enhance then a light sharp drop shadow.
Add paper2 and place your tube and reduce by 80% change the blend to screen and merge down then apply your mask. use your freehand selection tool feather at 20 and select the hard edge of the mask and draw a wiggly line then hit delete twice.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 thanks for looking

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Exotic Dancer

Tube by Alex Prihodko found at
Kit by Pink Paradox productions called Harem Dancer
 Buy it here
Font Arabia
 Mask WSL59
 Sandflower-color boosterz
Photo filters-time machine

 Open a new canvas flood filled in white sized 650 by 650
Resize element 105 by 50% then place elements 96 and 97 behind it reduced by 20%
Behind the pillows reduce element 31 by 25% and duplicate changing the top layer blend to multiply.
Reduce frames4 and 5 by 50% then element 109 by 35% then 80% and place to the right.
 Add element 79 reduced by 20% on each side of the frame
Reduce paper17 by 35% and place behind the bottom frame. Apply Sandflower color booterz at default,duplicate change the top layer blend to screen and then merge down. Apply Photo effects-timeline 1960s
 Reduce paper8 by 50% and apply The same photo effects we used earlier.
 Click inside the bottom frame expand the selections by 1 and hit delete.
Reduce element 78 by 75% and place under the seat
Reduce frame6 by 15%, click inside with your magic wand,expand the selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper11 into selections.
Reduce the following elements to be place behind the frame layer.
149 reduce by 10
85 reduce by 15 and 80%
Reduce the pillars by 45% then place element 80 by 25% behind them
 Duplicate the pillars and change the blend to the top layer to screen
decorate them with elements 74  and43 reducing them bu 20%. Reduce the jewels again by 80%
Place element 45 by the pillar and reduce by 15%
 Repeat with element 66 twice and place at the loop of the lantern.
Reduce the following elements of the tag
49 by 30%
145 by 35%
34,147 by 25%
104 ,150by 20%
32 by 15%
155 by 50%
46  by 205 then 80%
Add paper 21 to your material's palette and close out the background.
Draw a rectangle sized 10 pixels and convert to raster, Apply Effects- Edge effects -Enhance
Place paper 18 into your materials palette and use a gradient for the background
 Type your name with a 1 pixel stroke, convert to raster and apply Effects- Edge Effects - Enhance.
 Add your tube, your artist URL. CR and your license number
 thanks for looking

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peachy Beachy

Tube Alex Prihodko found at
Kit By Karra's Kreative Korner 

available here OR here for purchase soon
Mask of choice
Font SignaritaChloe
Mura Meister Copies
Eye Candy Gradient Glow
Xenofex2 constellations

Open a new canvas 650 by 650 flood filled in white
 place Frame2 then place Frame4 under it, reduce by 80% and free rotate 90 to the right
Place paper10 and apply your mask
Place glitter on the bottom of the tag above the masked layer.
Reduce the boussle by 505 and apply a white gradient glow then place to the top right corner
Place flowers at the bottom of the tag then reduce the banner by 80% and place under the flowers layer.
Fill in the space between the banner and the bottom edge of the frame by reducing the following elements:
bow1 , fern, umbrella1, sign2 50%
flower3,leaf,starfish1 and 2 by 20%
string 80% then mirror
paper flower3 35%
Sand dollar ,sailboat, flower1  25%
 butterfly by 15% then apply Mura Meister copies -glob
Apply Xenfex2 Constellations small stars then apply Effects-Photo Effects- Timeline 1960
 Add your tube, your name,Artist URL,CR and your license
 Thanks for looking

beach House tags

Both tags were made with Pink Paradox Productions kit Beach house
Found here for purchase
Tube used above was made by Alex Prihodko of

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Tube by Barbara Jensen found in pack at
 kit by Crazy Carita A Touch Of Orient
 buy it here
 mask of choice
 Font Sevilla Decor
Mask by Rachel's Oriental mask  snag it here
 Thanks Rachel ♥

 Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Place paper1 and apply your mask
Place element 14 and duplicate.
 place one to the left and the other to the right
Place paper 6 behind each of the frames and delete the excess past the edges.
Place element8 behind the paper layer
 and element 9 twice in front of the masked layer
Place your tube onto your tag
Place el4 behind your tube towards the left
Resize el11 to come from the left edge of the frame to the left edge of your tube.
Place el17 behind the bridge element, duplicate mirror and flip. Reduce by 80% and place above the frame layer.
Reduce el1 by 50% and el2 by 25%. place the statues on each side of the house.
 Reduce el 29 by 15% and place on each side of the house as well.
 Duplicate the cherry blossoms and reduce by 45% and place around the tag to look organic.
Reduce el7 by 50% and place at the bottom edge of your tube. erase a bit to look like it is going around your tube.
Place elements around your tag I reduced them as follows
19 , 23 by 50%
24 and 28 by 35%
12 by 20%
3 by 35%
I added a photo filter to my tube I think it was glamour . Blush I should have written it down LOL
 add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Friday, June 6, 2014


Tube by Barbara Jensen found in pack at
Kit by Crazy Carita called Dead Inside
Buy it here


Tube called On the edge found in pack 58 by Barbara Jensen found here for purchase
Kit By Crazy Carita called Wings Of Love found here for purchase
Mask Trese 314
Font Zentaiges

 Open a 650 by 650 canvas
 Free rotate el 1 20 to the left and reduce by 80%
Click inside , expand the selections by 4, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper3 into selections
Place el7 on top of the frame to match the curve then duplicate flip, duplicate again and mirror.
 Then move the frame above the foliage.
Place el10 around the foliage and frame by flipping it, rotating 90 to the right.
Resize 3 and 3a by 35% and place around the tag
Place el 16 and element8 resize by 35%place above the larger ribbon.
 Reduce el12 by 30% and place under the ribbon
 Place el11 resize at 25% three times behind and above the ribbon layer
Resize el 13 by 30%
 Add element 15 at the bottom layer along with paper 2.
 Apply your mask and add your tube.
 Add your name, Artist CR , URL and your license number .
 Thanks for looking

My Tropical Dream

Tube By Very Many found for purchase at
Kit By Pink Paradox productions called Sun & Sand
 Can be purchased here
Font MF Queen Leela
Mask Gems mask 106
Gradient glow for the name( optional)
 Open a canvas 650 by 650
Reduce frames 5 and 7 by 50%
Duplicate the green frame and place behind the white frame on each side
Reduce the size of paper by 60% and place behind each frame on the left and right.'
 Then click the center frame, add a new raster layer and copy/paste into selections.
Reduce element 106 by 50% and place behind the frames backgrounds three times.
place your tube in the center of the tag( if you are using the same tube reduce by 50%).
 Apply Photo effects- Time machine- cross effects 1960( the last box on your right) and intensity set to 50.
All elements including the frames were duplicated and the top item blend changed to multiply then merged down.
Reduce el9 by 25% and place at the bottom of the tube edge.
Elements on the right were reduced accordingly
Elements on the left
14/25 then 80
Reduce 118 by 50% and place at  the top layer . Erase any sparkle covering the skin or face of you tube.
Add your name and apply a gradient glow
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Whimsical Fairy

Tube is an exclusive tube at by Pandora Creations
Kit by pink paradox productions called Beautiful Fantasy
 Buy it here
sparkle mask by Rene  DEc 28b  Found here
 font-Carten demo found here ( not all letters are available since the font is a demo)
Glass-eye candy5 impact

Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Reduce elements 70 and 66 by 50%
 Place a tower on each side of the doorway.
 place element 126 to the left behind the tower and reduce by 50%
Place element 92 behind the tree and duplicate to move under the base of the door and the towers.
Add your tube in front of the door.
 Place element 134 and reduce by 50% in front of the cloud layer.
Place element 50 behind the doorway layer and element 73 on each side of the door reduced by 50%
Reduce element125 by 50% and place at the base of each tower
Place element 87 under each tower tops reduced by 25%
Free rotate element 123 90 to the right and reduce by 35% and 80 % place in front of each tower.
 place element 130 right in front of the door and reduce by 50%
reduce element 109 by 35% and place at the base and side of the doorway.
working on the left side resize the following elements

1 by 20%
29 by 20% place behind the horse
46,62, 102 by 25%
11 by 15%

 working on the right
 106 by 50%
mirror 61 then reduce by 35% and 50%
39,88 ,98by 25%
122 by 35%
 Copy the grass we placed at  the base of each tower and place one in front of your tube and the other on the left reduce by 50% and place under the tube layer.
Reduce the flowers by 20 and 15%
 i used 103 ans 104
Add element 135 over the tube layer and reduce by 50%
 Add your name, convert to raster then copy paste paper into selections. Add a 2 pixel border in white, apply noise at 100 then apply glass to the original name layer.
 add your artist URL, CR and your license number.
The tube used is from a pre paid project at picsfordeign and is available once you have joined the club