Saturday, June 21, 2014

Exotic Dancer

Tube by Alex Prihodko found at
Kit by Pink Paradox productions called Harem Dancer
 Buy it here
Font Arabia
 Mask WSL59
 Sandflower-color boosterz
Photo filters-time machine

 Open a new canvas flood filled in white sized 650 by 650
Resize element 105 by 50% then place elements 96 and 97 behind it reduced by 20%
Behind the pillows reduce element 31 by 25% and duplicate changing the top layer blend to multiply.
Reduce frames4 and 5 by 50% then element 109 by 35% then 80% and place to the right.
 Add element 79 reduced by 20% on each side of the frame
Reduce paper17 by 35% and place behind the bottom frame. Apply Sandflower color booterz at default,duplicate change the top layer blend to screen and then merge down. Apply Photo effects-timeline 1960s
 Reduce paper8 by 50% and apply The same photo effects we used earlier.
 Click inside the bottom frame expand the selections by 1 and hit delete.
Reduce element 78 by 75% and place under the seat
Reduce frame6 by 15%, click inside with your magic wand,expand the selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper11 into selections.
Reduce the following elements to be place behind the frame layer.
149 reduce by 10
85 reduce by 15 and 80%
Reduce the pillars by 45% then place element 80 by 25% behind them
 Duplicate the pillars and change the blend to the top layer to screen
decorate them with elements 74  and43 reducing them bu 20%. Reduce the jewels again by 80%
Place element 45 by the pillar and reduce by 15%
 Repeat with element 66 twice and place at the loop of the lantern.
Reduce the following elements of the tag
49 by 30%
145 by 35%
34,147 by 25%
104 ,150by 20%
32 by 15%
155 by 50%
46  by 205 then 80%
Add paper 21 to your material's palette and close out the background.
Draw a rectangle sized 10 pixels and convert to raster, Apply Effects- Edge effects -Enhance
Place paper 18 into your materials palette and use a gradient for the background
 Type your name with a 1 pixel stroke, convert to raster and apply Effects- Edge Effects - Enhance.
 Add your tube, your artist URL. CR and your license number
 thanks for looking

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