Monday, June 23, 2014

Letters To Heaven

Tube Alex Prihodko
 kit By Kelly - Kizzed By Kelz called Letters to heaven found here for purchase
 Font- Always beside you
 Mask gems 108
 Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650 flood filled in black yes black or dark grey we will be working with light colored and white elements
First thing i did was dress my tube with the accessories, tattoo,wings ,lipstick and jewelry.
 i lowered the opacity of the wings just a little bit around 80. merged visible then pasted ontop of my tube merged then down and copied to my canvas.
 I reduced the tube until it fit on my canvas about 80% twice
Duplicate your tube and on the top layer apply Gaussian Blur at 5 and change the blend to screen. Add a light drop shadow to the bottom tube
place el41 to the top right and reduce by 80%
Place el14 above the gate layer and under the bottom edge of the gate.
Place el71 under the layers right were the both of the gate and stairs edges meet.
place el32 to the left of the gate, duplicate and reduce by 80% mirror and place to the right
place el 44 right behind the gate entrance.
Place el 51 right beside it on the left
Place el31 around the tag to fill in the space i placed it on the bottom under the tube layer twice, then free rotated it 90 to the right and move to the right under the stairs, duplicated it and mirrored.
Place el34 behind your tube on the left and the pillow element behind the tube and above the sleeping angel element
place the flower elements under the left side of the tube and reduce by 50% and 25%
 Reduce el9 ,4,42 by 50%
el 3  and 52 by 25%
 place elements 37, 38 and 2 on the tag
Add your name and paste paper1 into selections then apply effects-edge effects enhance then a light sharp drop shadow.
Add paper2 and place your tube and reduce by 80% change the blend to screen and merge down then apply your mask. use your freehand selection tool feather at 20 and select the hard edge of the mask and draw a wiggly line then hit delete twice.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 thanks for looking

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