Sunday, June 29, 2014

Team USA

Tube by  Chris pastel of
FTU USA kit by Addictive Pleasure found here
Mask 11 By  Melissa found here for download
Template by Dee found here for download
 Font CK Sports Soccer
Eye Candy5 impact-gradient glow
Eye candy 4 - glass
Photo Effects - Timeline
Xero _ Clarify
Open your template and resize 650 pixels on it's longest side
 Delete the CR, and all the corresponding ribbon layers
 Add your tube and reduce by 50% then 80%
Sharpen then apply Xero Clarify at default
apply your mask to paper 3
reduce the wrie by 50% and place on each side of the tag's canvas. move this layer once merged to the bottom above the masked paper layer
place the glitter above this layer towards the left, duplicate and mirror
Reduce paper 8 by 50% and place over the white strip layers of your template. erase any overhang
Repeat with paper 9 on the red strips.
Apply a patriotic gradient glow on the red strips papered layer.
Copy/paste paper4 into selection of the center blue rectangle and apply the same gradient glow
Reduce paper6 by 505 and place over the center oval. Apply the same gradient glow over the dotted layer.
Copy/paste paper10 into selection of the light blue circle layer and apply the gradient glow again.
Place the fireworks above this layer.
 Copy paste paper 12 into the white ring layer and paper11 into the black ring
Close the center white strip reduce the size of paper 7 by 50% and place over the grey strip layer only %showing USA. Reduce the film strip by 50% and apply Photo effects- timeline 1960s.
 Reduce the  glassbrad by 25% and place over the two circle layers.
 Activate each white square and contract by 20, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper5 into selection then sharpen more.
Reduce fireworks2 by 50% and place to the top left.
Reduce paper 1
by 50% then place over raster12 which is the red star under the glass layer. erase any overhang.
Reduce the following elements and place on your tag
 football2 , wire2, banner  and bow4 by 50%
Football by 45%
cap and world cup by 40%
 Add your name, place paper1 inside it and apply the glass  and gradient glow filters.
Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

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