Sunday, June 1, 2014

Whimsical Fairy

Tube is an exclusive tube at by Pandora Creations
Kit by pink paradox productions called Beautiful Fantasy
 Buy it here
sparkle mask by Rene  DEc 28b  Found here
 font-Carten demo found here ( not all letters are available since the font is a demo)
Glass-eye candy5 impact

Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650
Reduce elements 70 and 66 by 50%
 Place a tower on each side of the doorway.
 place element 126 to the left behind the tower and reduce by 50%
Place element 92 behind the tree and duplicate to move under the base of the door and the towers.
Add your tube in front of the door.
 Place element 134 and reduce by 50% in front of the cloud layer.
Place element 50 behind the doorway layer and element 73 on each side of the door reduced by 50%
Reduce element125 by 50% and place at the base of each tower
Place element 87 under each tower tops reduced by 25%
Free rotate element 123 90 to the right and reduce by 35% and 80 % place in front of each tower.
 place element 130 right in front of the door and reduce by 50%
reduce element 109 by 35% and place at the base and side of the doorway.
working on the left side resize the following elements

1 by 20%
29 by 20% place behind the horse
46,62, 102 by 25%
11 by 15%

 working on the right
 106 by 50%
mirror 61 then reduce by 35% and 50%
39,88 ,98by 25%
122 by 35%
 Copy the grass we placed at  the base of each tower and place one in front of your tube and the other on the left reduce by 50% and place under the tube layer.
Reduce the flowers by 20 and 15%
 i used 103 ans 104
Add element 135 over the tube layer and reduce by 50%
 Add your name, convert to raster then copy paste paper into selections. Add a 2 pixel border in white, apply noise at 100 then apply glass to the original name layer.
 add your artist URL, CR and your license number.
The tube used is from a pre paid project at picsfordeign and is available once you have joined the club

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