Monday, July 21, 2014

Black Ballerina

Tube by Very Many found here for purchase
Kit- Pink Paradox Productions called Black Swan
Found here for purchase
Mask MC_ mask 1 download it from here
Font - Alligot De Maribelle

Start with a 650 by 650 canvas flood filled in white
Open our tube and reduce by 50%.
(optional) Open the swan layers of your tube and reduce by 50% as well
Reduce el 91 by 65%
Place the black swan tube over the mirror portion of the element.
using the freehand selection tool set : point to point, select the mirror, invert selections and delete the excess tube. Change the blend to overlay and the opacity to 42
Reduce el 89 twice by 80% and place behind the mirror.
Reduce el 13 by 20% and place on each top corner of the curtain.
reduce el 16 by 35% and place on the mirror
Resize  el12  by 15% then free rotate it 30 to the right and place at the top corner of the mirror. erase a bit of it to make it look like it is hanging in the edge of the mirror.
Reduce el 86 by 50% and place on each side of the curtain
Reduce el 120 by 50% and place to the top left corner of the tag. then add el 75 behind it.
 place paper 25 and apply your mask.
Merge group then duplicate the mask reduce by 50% and move to the bottom edge of the canvas twice.
El 50 reduced by 50% and place to the left behind the mirror.
Decorating on the left reduce the following elements
el 23 by 15% then free rotate 15 to the left
69 by 15%
40 by 20%
71 by 25%
25 by 50%
 On the right side  element 90 reduce by 70% twice
 el 15 by 20%
el 26  and 2 by 15%

 el 88 by 35% and place under the tube.
 Add some sparkles el 147 and reduce by 50%
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