Saturday, July 12, 2014

Little Goth One

Tube By Freya Langford-Sidebottom called Lorelei
Buy it here
Kit-Pink Paradox Productions
Little Goth Girl
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 mask MC mask 11
download here
Font Ainsworth SSK
 Open a new canvas flood filled in white
Place frame3 onto the canvas
 place paper behind it and reduce by 50%
place in the middle of your frame
On each side of the frame reduce el 84 and place it behind the open lattice panels
 Reduce to fit on each side about 50- 40%
 Duplicate and change the blend to multiply
Reduce the elements to place inside of the shelves by 10%
I used 6, 49, 56,61 and 62
Reduce el 124 by 355 and place on the top edge of the frame on the left duplicate and move to the right then merge down. Move below the paper layer.
Resize el 10 by 25% and place to the top right hand corner under the frame layer.
Decorate the shelves with elements 17, 133 and 136
resize by 25% except for the vine. reduce that by 20% then duplicate and change the blend to screen to match the color of the flowers
Reduce el20 by 10% then duplicate change the blend to multiply to darken and place to decorate the window
 Resize el83, 89 and 99 by 50%.
 place the bed in the center the curtain to the left and the gravestones to the right.
 now add your tube to the center of the canvas.
Place and arrange the elements around your tube as you please. i reduce the sizes as follows
Elements 15, 33 and 34 at 15%
 element1 and 15 at 20%
elements 73, 163(change the blend to overlay), by 25%
elements 105, 60 and 35 at 35%
 Add your name in a gardient then convert to raster and apply EFFECTS- EDGE EFFECTS- ENHANCE
 Add your artist URL, CR and your License number
 Thanks for looking
 below is an animated version of the tag

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