Friday, July 11, 2014


Tube By Lady Mishka of
 FTU kit  called Pirate Booty found here for down load
Mask WSL84
Font Pirate Keg
Toadies-Where Are You
Eye Candy4 - Gradient Glow
Xenofex2-Burnt Edges
 Open a 650 by 650 canvas flood filled in white
Reduce your tube by 50% then 90%
Reduce paper 15 by 20% then 50% and Apply Xenofex2- Burnt Edges-Settings set to Manual Example
 Change the location of the curl to the bottom right corner
Reduce sand2 by 15% and place behind the paper twice once to the left and again to the right
Free rotate the fern 90 to the left and reduce by 20%, Duplicate and reduce again by 80% then apply Toadies where are you t default. place to the bottom left and top left of the tag
Add paper and reduce by 25% then apply your mask. I merge the group and move the mask to the top left hand corner then duplicated it and move it to the bottom right hand corner.
Now we are gonna decorate our paper to look like a map ... treasure map.
Reduce the following items
chest,palm, wheel, key, tattered ribbon by 8%
Ship, compass, hook and bird by 10%
Wave 10% then 50%
Crossbones3, coin , step, bottle with sand by 15%
 Drops by 25%
beads 20%
 Tales and hat3 by 14%
X marks the spot start by reducing by 20% and adjust until it fits nicely on the paper
 place the wave under the ship and erase any part covering the page curl. place the ship wheel on the ship
Change the blend to the crossbones3 to soft light
 Apply a thick gradient glow to the wordart
Add your name, convert to raster then select all, contract selections by 3 then copy /paste paper7 into selections.
Save as a PNG after you add the artist URL, CR and your license number
Thanks for peeking
easy tut

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