Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Some Kinda Paradise

Tube By Freya  Langford-Sidebottom called Beach Bunny
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Make sure you use the proper License number for Pinup Fantasies & Faerie Tales It differs from the AIL #
Kit-Pink Paradox Productions- Private Paradise
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 Font Regency
Drop shadow of all elements to the right of the sun and under the sun layer is 3,3,30 4 black
All others use eye Candy 4 Shadowlab at these settings:
angle 238,offset 7.20 , opacity 33, blur 000, perspective blur 5.18 black

 Open a new canvas sized 650 by 650 Flood filled in white
Reduce frame 3 by 50%. Move it to the top right duplicate and move it to the bottom left. Merge them down and duplicate the frames. Reduce by 80% then mirror and merge them down. Erase and of the parts of the frame interlacing in the middle.
 place paper 28 and arrange the paper so that the bottom left edge matches the edges of your canvas. this moves the sunset to the top left and under the large portion of the frame.
 Click the frame, increase the selection by 3, invert selections and delete the paper excess.
Reduce your tube by 70% and place in the center.
 Reduce elements78 and 14 by 15%
 mirror the bird and apply Photo effects -Film and filters  to the boat. Settings to warm earth tones twice at default then lower the opacity to 15
Reduce frame 9 by 405 and place behind the gold frame top right side.
 Reduce elements 137 and 120 by 50%.
 Mirror both elements apply Film and filters to the floral bush and duplicate the palm changing the blend to the top element to multiply and then merge down. place both of these behind the right side of the frame. Behind your tube on the left reduce element 86 by50% and 84 by 40% place behind the cabana to the right
Reduce el 49 by 10% and add to each corner of the cabana
Place the large pam tree we used earlier to the left on top of the cabana.
And el 138 behind it to the right.
Reduce el 65 by 50% and place twice behind the tube. make sure the c=sand castle is covered by the tube layer
Now we are gonna build the foliage behind and around the tube and cabana.
 Reduce the following elements and place as you wish.
EL72,47 AND 96-30%
EL121- 50%
Add your name , Artist URL, CR and your license number
 below is an animated version using an eye blink technique

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