Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taste My Blood

Tube by Freya Langford-Sidebottom found here for purchase
Kit By Pink Paradox Productions called Vampire bride
 Sold here
Mask MC11 download here
 Font CCIncyWincySpider
 Mura Meister Copies
Xero Duo Chrome
 Open a new canvas flood filled in white
Open frame 13 and reduce by 65%
Click inside the frame using your magic wand. Be sure to click the parts around the snake heads then GO to Selections- Select All- Modify- Expand -number of pixels 5
Add a new raster layer and select your paper of choice.
 I used paper 22 and  select EDIT- Paste into selection
Reduce paper 19 by 25% and place behind the paper we just added under the window opening.
Add your tube. Mine is cut off at the bottom so I added it twice reducing it by 70%. Place ne behind the paper we just added and the other on top of the frame layer.
 Apply Xero - DuoChrome at these settings to both tubes
Add a drop shadow to both tubes
using your eraser tool erase the bottom of the top tube. Erase just enough to look like the snakes are coming from under her dress.
Because the filter changes the color of the blood copy paste that layer separately and reduce by 70%. place over the chest to return the blood to it's original color.
Reduce elements 19, 113 and 140 by 50%
Place the flooring  to the right then duplicate and mirror
 Place the splattered blood then the skulls. All are towards the bottom of the tag under the second tube layer.
Reduce element 114 by 50% and place to the left behind the frame layer, duplicate and mirror, duplicate again and reduce by 80%
move to the edge of the larger mirror then duplicate and mirror.
Add element 181 and reduce twice once by 10% then again by 50%.
 Apply Mura Meister Copies Tiling spaced by 1. Then apply your mask. Move this to the last layer of your tag.
 To make the floral line i used element 151 and reduced it by 20% i added the flowers then mirrored them and repeated this y=until I had the op line o the frame covered from behind. Then i merged the flowers, duplicate them, reduced by 80% and free rotated it 90 to the left, duplicate again and mirrored. i place all of the floral lines behind the frame layer
Now to dress up the scene behind the tube.
I reduced el 158 by 25% and placed over the pillar to the left
el 134 by 35% and place on each side of the window opening
el 91 by 25% and place to the left
 On the right  building from the front to the background paper
Reduce el1  and 63by 25%
el117 by 35% then el 115 by 15%
 El 5 by 20% then 50% free rotate 90 to the right
 Dressed up the frame with these elements
el 88 25%
el 72 50%
 To make the mist I used element 188 and reduce by 25% then apply Gaussian Blur 10 . Duplicate and mirror.
 Add a jewel el 81 reduce by 20% and place in the center of the bottom part of the frame. On the top of the frame I erased the tail of the snakes behind the tube's head
Add your name in the color white then convert to raster.
 Change the blend to soft light, add a thick drop shadow and duplicate the name to darken a bit.
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number 
 Thanks for looking!

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